I shall wait here … and rest awhile

I meditate daily. Without that meditation practice, I probably would’ve been a raving lunatic or a gibbering fool. For many years now, since I first came across Deepak Chopra when he was on tour in South Africa, I have practiced and honed my Body, Mind and Spirit. Donald humoured me and even went to one session with me!

When one gets fully immersed in life, there are many distractions – things that let you forget about what’s ‘out there’ – as Mulder said in the X-Files : “The Truth is out there …” But, the Truth is also in here and all we have to do is go into the silence and listen. Still the thoughts and just BE – even if it’s just 10 minutes each day. The more you listen the more you hear.

Since my Donald left this earthly plane, I have been unable to cry. I could see no reason to, as we had given our all to each other. I had reason to be grateful that I had known him for so many years and shared so much. So very much!

And then, this morning, I did a guided meditation with Davidji – you may listen if you follow this link : http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.jsp?masterId=122968&cmd=tc&fb_source=message

Davidji asks many questions and they brought to mind all of those things in my life that I am so grateful for. I won’t go into detail here but all I can say is that without having known my husband, I would’ve been a very poor soul. I cried my gratitude and thanked that which we call God for all my many blessings.

Many people have asked me what my plans are for the future. Until Wednesday evening, I had no idea. But, I sat outside on the patio, eating my supper of cold chicken and salad, sipping an ice-cold dry white wine and looking out over the landscape in front of me. It was bathed in that after glow of sunset and the beauty was magnificent – all pinks, purples, apricots and pale blues. And then the lines of a poem – or perhaps it was a sutra – came into my head : I shall wait here … and rest awhile …

The dogs, boxers, will turn 7 in November. My residence permit will need renewing in 2016. There seems to be some unfinished business here in Cyprus that I feel I need to let play out … while I wait here … and rest awhile.

I have yet to find the ultimate reason for coming to live on this ancient island. It wasn’t just for the tax benefit! There is so much more here; so much still to discover and unfold.

I want to walk by the sea, swim in it, talk to the wind and smell the wild herbs on the hot breeze. I want to lie on a hilltop at midnight and watch the oceans of stars and feel the moon caress my skin. I want to rejoice in the first rains after a long hot summer and discover the wild flowers in spring.

Yes, I shall wait here … and rest awhile.


After …

In my previous post I stated that there is nothing as constant as change. Boy, did the gods know that too!

My Donald and I became enormously excited about our new life together in England where he would have been able to catch up on all the things he had missed out on whilst not living there. Things such as a pint of cider in the local pub, forests full of bluebells in spring, boats on the water – any water, and being able to walk the dogs with  me, even if he had to do it on his scooter.

Alas – it was not to be. My Donald went to Valhalla – of that I am absolutely certain! He was such an organised man that he even did that on his birthday, the 8th of August, making for a round 76 years. No messing around with remembering other dates!

Now, I have to try and re-focus. His passing brought a mountain of paper to avalanche around me but, as I’ve said, he was a very organised man. Everything I needed to lay my hands on to complete a form or answer a question was right where it was supposed to be. He took such pride in planning, organising and dreaming – especially dreaming about and planning the next holiday, trip or excursion. He always carried all our papers when we travelled! How will I do all that on my own?

But then again, I’m a Virgo … meticulous in each and every action – or so they say. I’m trying but it’s a long, hard climb up that mountain I’ve mentioned to you. When I reach the summit, I’ll pop the cork of the champagne that’s been sitting on ice since the 7th of August.

I feel that, when that day comes, I will know that my Donald has reached his destination and I will celebrate each and every moment we had together, as I do every day. I didn’t intend for this to become maudlin, and really, it’s not – I just feel so immensely grateful to have known and loved him for 36 years.

From this day forward, I’ll be concentrating my efforts and thoughts on the positive, strive to live a joyous life and help others to find the joy in their lives.

In the words of a very wise man, Dr. David Simon, “No-one gets out of here alive!”

Let’s live our lives to the very best of our abilities. Namasté – the Divine in me bow to the Divine in you – we are One.

Change – the only constant

There are cyber thieves! I wrote an entire post, clicked on “Publish” and I was told : Invalid request and woooosh – gone, every last word! So we start again and hope for the best!

As many of my blog readers have posed questions, I now have a clearer idea as to which questions to answer first. The overall winner was :”What are you going to do next?” Well, the short answer is : Move to the UK.

The first priority is to get permission for myself to settle there and although I have been married to a British National for 25 years, lived in sin with him since 1976 and come from a Commonwealth Country, I still have to jump through all the hoops. I’m the wife of an EU Citizen and have lived in the EU since Cyprus was admitted. I still have to fill out a 17-page long application form, provide proof of being self-supportive (or to be supported) plus all sorts of other stuff. Soon I will have to make that 288 km round-trip to Nicosia – probably twice – to see the High Commission and … sit an English language test. Yup – does that make you smile?

Secondly, we have to sell our villa of which we are very fond. We’ve had 11 terrific years here even though we had to fight some heavy battles from time to time, especially as far as health issues are concerned. So, that one is in the hands of the gods now and he trust that a real buyer will offer a good price.

The other question was : “Why?”. Well, since we will soon be without any family on the island (they are moving) we will have no support system as far as house- and dog-sitting is concerned. The rest of Donald’s family are all in the UK and he feels it’s time to ‘go home’. Since I’ve spent several previous lifetimes there, I feel sympathetic towards that sentiment.

As I’m a believer in reincarnation, I’ve often wondered if it would be possible to leave a ‘sign’ so that next time round we would know where we’ve been … sort of dropping crumbs in the woods. I have a birthmark on my lower left leg in the shape of … those islands! Is that the ‘sign’ I’ve been looking for? Ever since I was a little girl, growing up on a farm on the Higveld of Southern Africa, I’ve devoured everything English; even sank to reading Barbara Cartland and others of that ilk and then there was “Woman’s Weekly” … ah, what bliss! It taught me proper English too!

I’m looking forward to walking with my best friend through wet bluebell woods, sipping a pint at the local pub and discussing politics with whoever is willing – and from past experience, there are always plenty who would. And then there are Wellies! Love them. And wet dogs, log fires and … moss. So many green things …

I believe there are quite a number of readers who had difficulties  with leaving a comment to previous blogs. Not to worry, I will continue sending you the link for the current one and if you are able to leave a comment, wonderful. If not, just send us an email. We can babble any which way you like.


Both my husband and I just love spending time with friends. This morning, we met up with Geoff and Marion at the Muse Café near the Museum in Paphos.

Because we are utterly dependent on wheelchair access (at present), we were delighted to discover the car park at the back of the restaurant with a tiny ramp which made the visit a total pleasure. We spent the best part of two hours talking non-stop; something we both treasure.

Because we are planning to leave the island, the plan is to catch up with all those wonderful friends and acquaintances we have been lucky to meet since we arrived here in 2001.

The reason for this blog that I’ve created is so that we will always be able to catch up with one another and spend time in virtual reality even when we are no longer in physical contact. Of course, I’m a Facebooker, but there are so many people who either don’t like FB or who simply don’t have the time to waste (as my husband calls it!). I’m hoping that all our friends and acquaintances will say in touch in some way or another. However, this blogging business is rather fun and, one day when I learn to upload an image, I’ll share some more fun.

If you happen to be a blogger and can give me any tips on the ‘how to’ of blogging, I’d love to hear from you!

Read all about it!

For years I have called myself a writer and had quite a few successes with published stories and articles. I’ve even self-published a full length novel which is still selling, even on Kindle. But I’ll tell you about that another time.

This is about blogging and suddenly I’m tongue-tied; or should that be finger/keyboard-tied? There is a million topics I would love to discuss with as many people – okay, perhaps not so many people, but what I really would like is for people to comment and share experiences.

I have a vast number of health tips to share, especially where diabetes is concerned. My husband is a ‘victim’ of the condition and over the years we have learned how to best cope with living with it. So often people think only of the patients and forget about those who care for them, especially those who feed them.

My belief system is contrary : I practice Wicca and thus have built up a lovely library of herb lore, folk lore and wonderful stories to share. My husband on the other hand, subscribes to the Norse gods and almost always wears his Hammer of Thor in some shape or other – he has several. Just think of all the things we could talk about in these contexts!

I’m a keen gardener and have learned a lot about tending gardens in Johannesburg as well as in Cyprus – two vastly different climatic regions.

I have a recipe book that dates back some 40 years, all lovingly collected and mostly handwritten. Some of these recipes come from my grandmothers, my mother, family members including my daughter (who lives in Pretoria, South Africa) as well as friends from across the globe.

My travel experiences over the years cover almost every continent and in almost each country I visited, I picked … a recipe book to bring home. I must have about 150 of those!

On top of all the above, I am a dedicated meditator and have been a fan of Deepak Chopra’s for the last 30-odd years. I subscribe to the belief that we were born to be happy and everything that interferes with that is simply distraction. We deal with whatever it is, move on and be happy again.

So, my next blog will cover one of these topics or, if you would like to suggest one, let’s do it!

Hello world!

This is my second attempt at blogging. The first one really didn’t work as visitors had to log in and create and account and all sorts of stuff like that … and very few people wish to do that.

This time, I’m going ‘public’ and hope that loads of people will respond by means of comments and observations – that’s what it’s really all about.

I’m very much in the learning stage of blogging and I’m hoping that you … and you and you … will be able to give me some pointers and help me make the best blog ever.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Maria and I live on an island called Cyprus. My husband and I moved here in 2001 and we have now decided that it was time to move on and downsize. Soon our villa will go on the market and we’ll start chewing our nails. There isn’t a real hurry of course, but at the same time, we are not getting any younger.

Ideally we would like to live in the United Kingdom in a bungalow with a small but secure garden for our two dogs. The area we are looking at would be the counties of Wiltshire, south Gloustershire, northern parts of Dorset, Devon and so forth. In the main we would like to live in that area as it is closest to established members of family.

So, until I know that this thing is actually going to work, I’ll be holding on to further news, chat and showing you my art.