Both my husband and I just love spending time with friends. This morning, we met up with Geoff and Marion at the Muse Café near the Museum in Paphos.

Because we are utterly dependent on wheelchair access (at present), we were delighted to discover the car park at the back of the restaurant with a tiny ramp which made the visit a total pleasure. We spent the best part of two hours talking non-stop; something we both treasure.

Because we are planning to leave the island, the plan is to catch up with all those wonderful friends and acquaintances we have been lucky to meet since we arrived here in 2001.

The reason for this blog that I’ve created is so that we will always be able to catch up with one another and spend time in virtual reality even when we are no longer in physical contact. Of course, I’m a Facebooker, but there are so many people who either don’t like FB or who simply don’t have the time to waste (as my husband calls it!). I’m hoping that all our friends and acquaintances will say in touch in some way or another. However, this blogging business is rather fun and, one day when I learn to upload an image, I’ll share some more fun.

If you happen to be a blogger and can give me any tips on the ‘how to’ of blogging, I’d love to hear from you!

10 thoughts on “BRUNCH AT MUSE CAFE”

  1. Dear Maria,
    I’m flattered that you can include me on your list of people of like minded interests.
    Perhaps even more than you thought, as Irene has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and our life is largely circumscribed by what she can and what she cannot eat; plus the regular checking of sugar levels – but you know all about that.
    But I am sorry to hear that you intend leaving the island – please come and see us before you do – can your husband manage a flight of 20 steps (6,8,6) up to our flat where we live now? If so, plese give me a call on 2665 4275 and we’ll arrange something.’
    In the interim, all our love and best wishes.
    Brian H
    PS – do you think that you or your husband would have time or inclination to read the book I have written but not yet published? – I can send it as an attachment to an email if you’d like.

    1. Hi Brian,

      Thanks for the reply – always welcome. There are a few writers’ group members I have tried to keep in touch with – unfortunately not all the ones I would like to keep in touch with – somehow people slip through the gap from time to time! Bad woman!!

      Sorry to hear about Irene’s condition – I don’t call it a disease because it’s not; it cannot be cured except with transplants and stuff. Unfortunately, since Donald’s problems in May, he is not able to climb any steps without the assistance of his physiotherapist … yet. He works really hard at rebuilding his muscles and strength but it would be lovely to meet up for a coffee/drink in Tala Square some time? He is fairly wheelchair bound at present so it needs to be somewhere I am able to get him into, e.g. level ground or with access.

      I have read your book some time ago, if you remember. In fact, I made quite a lot of remarks. In fact, the ms was sent to me a few days ago via the old writers’ group members’ mailing list … I’ll give it another read – do you want further comments?

      Hope to see you soon? Watch out for my next blog post – if you click on the ‘follow’ button you’ll get them automatically (I think!).

  2. I love the “yesterday is a memory – tomorrow a dream” So true but not always easy to remember!

    1. Click on that ‘follow’ button and you’ll stay deeply in the loop! Things are becoming just a wee bit hectic and I thought it would be a good idea to do a news update at regular intervals so that all our nearest and dearest can be kept up to date with our doings. I find it really difficult to do individual emails these days as over and above the normal day to day stuff, I’m also doing (yeah!) portraits of babies/toddlers lately. And then there’s the rest … watch out for the next blog post.

  3. Dear Maria, I’m very sorry to hear that you are leaving the island. We have not had much contact and that I deeply regret for a very selfish reason i.e. I don’t know people on the island mostly because I am always busy at home and don’t get out of the door much. Having said that, when I met you I was deeply attracted to you as a person, you are very special.

    Where will the two of you settle next? Please write and tell and when are you planning to leave?

    Perhaps we could meet in Paphos before you go?

    I wish you all the very best and will definitely wish to keep up with you via internet.

    I’ve just this minute ‘found’ your blog and now a know a bit more about your move.

    Yes, I am also a fan of Deepak Chopra but find that I have to read and re-read his books to keep me focussed on the positive side of life. In S.A. I medidated as a way of life and here …………… I lost my direction.l

    1. Dear Loretta,

      You are so sweet – thank you! We’ll not be moving just yet as there are all sorts of obstacles to overcome. I’m going to put that in my next blog post so keep ‘following’ me!

      We would love to see you again – do give us a thought next time you come to Paphos?


  4. Hi Maria,
    What a splenid idea. Hope you are both well. Where are U planning To go too ?
    Take care,
    Fred Watts.

  5. Hi Maria,

    Sorry but I havent a clue about blogging but seems like a good idea! Sorry to hear that you are moving but it’s understandable. Look forward to reading your stories from Blighty. All the best with your house sale and move. Love, Joyce

    1. Hi Joyce,

      Blogging is a bit like receiving your very own newspaper on your doorstep each time it’s published. If you wish to continue receiving it, you have to click on the ‘follow’ button in the bottom right hand corner of the blog page (just use the same link to get back there). I hope you will wish to keep in touch; I know we only do it once or twice a year but hey! this is your opportunity to stay in the loop!

      The reason for moving is really to be closer to family and friends in the UK where there is a much better support system for doing just that. Once we are able to do a straight flight again, we’ll certainly visit your side of the world. And that’s a promise!
      Blessings to you all,

  6. Dear Donald and Maria… Marina had already mentioned to me that you were planning on leaving Cyprus. I am saddened that it has come to that, as I think I understand something of what it meant to you to be there…. part of your retirement dream. However, circumstances dictate, and ironically we may get to see a bit more of you in the UK… we seem to get there nearly every year. Marina and I are in France for a couple of days, back to Cascais on Friday.
    When it comes to blogs, at least their organization, I have to confess that M is the expert, as when we were doing our big trip. Having said that, I really like the name and the design. Depending on how it develops, you may want to be able to archive and categorize entries.
    Look forward to keeping in even more regular touch, although M does keep me posted with her FB connections. Love from us both. John

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