Change – the only constant

There are cyber thieves! I wrote an entire post, clicked on “Publish” and I was told : Invalid request and woooosh – gone, every last word! So we start again and hope for the best!

As many of my blog readers have posed questions, I now have a clearer idea as to which questions to answer first. The overall winner was :”What are you going to do next?” Well, the short answer is : Move to the UK.

The first priority is to get permission for myself to settle there and although I have been married to a British National for 25 years, lived in sin with him since 1976 and come from a Commonwealth Country, I still have to jump through all the hoops. I’m the wife of an EU Citizen and have lived in the EU since Cyprus was admitted. I still have to fill out a 17-page long application form, provide proof of being self-supportive (or to be supported) plus all sorts of other stuff. Soon I will have to make that 288 km round-trip to Nicosia – probably twice – to see the High Commission and … sit an English language test. Yup – does that make you smile?

Secondly, we have to sell our villa of which we are very fond. We’ve had 11 terrific years here even though we had to fight some heavy battles from time to time, especially as far as health issues are concerned. So, that one is in the hands of the gods now and he trust that a real buyer will offer a good price.

The other question was : “Why?”. Well, since we will soon be without any family on the island (they are moving) we will have no support system as far as house- and dog-sitting is concerned. The rest of Donald’s family are all in the UK and he feels it’s time to ‘go home’. Since I’ve spent several previous lifetimes there, I feel sympathetic towards that sentiment.

As I’m a believer in reincarnation, I’ve often wondered if it would be possible to leave a ‘sign’ so that next time round we would know where we’ve been … sort of dropping crumbs in the woods. I have a birthmark on my lower left leg in the shape of … those islands! Is that the ‘sign’ I’ve been looking for? Ever since I was a little girl, growing up on a farm on the Higveld of Southern Africa, I’ve devoured everything English; even sank to reading Barbara Cartland and others of that ilk and then there was “Woman’s Weekly” … ah, what bliss! It taught me proper English too!

I’m looking forward to walking with my best friend through wet bluebell woods, sipping a pint at the local pub and discussing politics with whoever is willing – and from past experience, there are always plenty who would. And then there are Wellies! Love them. And wet dogs, log fires and … moss. So many green things …

I believe there are quite a number of readers who had difficulties  with leaving a comment to previous blogs. Not to worry, I will continue sending you the link for the current one and if you are able to leave a comment, wonderful. If not, just send us an email. We can babble any which way you like.

7 thoughts on “Change – the only constant”

  1. Wow and as I said in my previous email a brilliant and very brave decision. Where are the ex cops off to? What about Jess and Katy? Love you lots, will speak tomorrow.

    1. We believe you are soon departing for the UK to visit? Have a great time. It was good talking to you this morning – pity the old boy is a little under the weather. We really need gills to breath the air at the moment – it’s wet!

  2. What news!!!! I will discuss with you in more detail but have to get back to the Olympics right now. Another gold, !!!!

    1. We never realised the depths of your loyalty to Queen and Country! Perhaps Donald did, but I certainly didn’t! Enjoy every second – we watched the entire opening ceremony and I intend doing exactly the same with the closing ceremony. Talk to you real soon!

  3. You’ve embraced this as an adventure to look forward to- which is just the only way to accept change, isn’t it? I particularly like how gracefully you’re letting go of your beautiful house and garden. It reminds me how these particular places we embrace aren’t ever ours forever. Native Americans really had confused head sideways ( like puppies who simply don’t comprehend concepts) moments when Anglo Saxon invaders insisted a particular parcel of land was ‘theirs’! It is a most ridiculous idea! So many people cling to ‘their’ homes, I notice.
    It’s far more wonderful to delight in the places we are able to live, isn’t it? And there are so many wonderful things about England to look ahead toward! I love the gardens and all the green and historical, mystical and mucky ( Wellies!) places!
    Will you welcome an occasional visitor if she’s able to pop over enroute to Virginia?

    1. It would be a pleasure and a delight to welcome you wherever we live! You mentioned the Native American concept of land belonging. In Southern Africa, when the first settlers went there, they traded with the local natives for land and thought they had been very fare, offering the ‘market value’. What they didn’t understand was exactly the same thing the Native Americans couldn’t get their heads around: that land belongs to everybody; it cannot be ‘owned’ by just one person. It took a while but they seem to have embraced the concept of ownership now!

      I’ve made Imam Bayaldi (The Imam has fainted) with our lovely eggplants and tomatoes – it is yummy and I’ve got three batches frozen!


  4. Thought I would shoot this off just to show Donald that I’ve not degenerated to techno-peasant. Wow! 11 years! How time has flown! Will send you a picture of Francois (8 month old Bouvier) in the snow (yesterday Johannesburg). Water mad and loves the taste off snow. Must be in his genes. As England is in yours!!

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