After …

In my previous post I stated that there is nothing as constant as change. Boy, did the gods know that too!

My Donald and I became enormously excited about our new life together in England where he would have been able to catch up on all the things he had missed out on whilst not living there. Things such as a pint of cider in the local pub, forests full of bluebells in spring, boats on the water – any water, and being able to walk the dogs with  me, even if he had to do it on his scooter.

Alas – it was not to be. My Donald went to Valhalla – of that I am absolutely certain! He was such an organised man that he even did that on his birthday, the 8th of August, making for a round 76 years. No messing around with remembering other dates!

Now, I have to try and re-focus. His passing brought a mountain of paper to avalanche around me but, as I’ve said, he was a very organised man. Everything I needed to lay my hands on to complete a form or answer a question was right where it was supposed to be. He took such pride in planning, organising and dreaming – especially dreaming about and planning the next holiday, trip or excursion. He always carried all our papers when we travelled! How will I do all that on my own?

But then again, I’m a Virgo … meticulous in each and every action – or so they say. I’m trying but it’s a long, hard climb up that mountain I’ve mentioned to you. When I reach the summit, I’ll pop the cork of the champagne that’s been sitting on ice since the 7th of August.

I feel that, when that day comes, I will know that my Donald has reached his destination and I will celebrate each and every moment we had together, as I do every day. I didn’t intend for this to become maudlin, and really, it’s not – I just feel so immensely grateful to have known and loved him for 36 years.

From this day forward, I’ll be concentrating my efforts and thoughts on the positive, strive to live a joyous life and help others to find the joy in their lives.

In the words of a very wise man, Dr. David Simon, “No-one gets out of here alive!”

Let’s live our lives to the very best of our abilities. Namasté – the Divine in me bow to the Divine in you – we are One.

2 thoughts on “After …”

  1. Sorry to hear about your loss. Donald was a lovely man and I had a lot of time for him. Yes, he was very organised and he always told me how much he enjoyed planning your holidays. Take care Maria. xx

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