I shall wait here … and rest awhile

I meditate daily. Without that meditation practice, I probably would’ve been a raving lunatic or a gibbering fool. For many years now, since I first came across Deepak Chopra when he was on tour in South Africa, I have practiced and honed my Body, Mind and Spirit. Donald humoured me and even went to one session with me!

When one gets fully immersed in life, there are many distractions – things that let you forget about what’s ‘out there’ – as Mulder said in the X-Files : “The Truth is out there …” But, the Truth is also in here and all we have to do is go into the silence and listen. Still the thoughts and just BE – even if it’s just 10 minutes each day. The more you listen the more you hear.

Since my Donald left this earthly plane, I have been unable to cry. I could see no reason to, as we had given our all to each other. I had reason to be grateful that I had known him for so many years and shared so much. So very much!

And then, this morning, I did a guided meditation with Davidji – you may listen if you follow this link : http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.jsp?masterId=122968&cmd=tc&fb_source=message

Davidji asks many questions and they brought to mind all of those things in my life that I am so grateful for. I won’t go into detail here but all I can say is that without having known my husband, I would’ve been a very poor soul. I cried my gratitude and thanked that which we call God for all my many blessings.

Many people have asked me what my plans are for the future. Until Wednesday evening, I had no idea. But, I sat outside on the patio, eating my supper of cold chicken and salad, sipping an ice-cold dry white wine and looking out over the landscape in front of me. It was bathed in that after glow of sunset and the beauty was magnificent – all pinks, purples, apricots and pale blues. And then the lines of a poem – or perhaps it was a sutra – came into my head : I shall wait here … and rest awhile …

The dogs, boxers, will turn 7 in November. My residence permit will need renewing in 2016. There seems to be some unfinished business here in Cyprus that I feel I need to let play out … while I wait here … and rest awhile.

I have yet to find the ultimate reason for coming to live on this ancient island. It wasn’t just for the tax benefit! There is so much more here; so much still to discover and unfold.

I want to walk by the sea, swim in it, talk to the wind and smell the wild herbs on the hot breeze. I want to lie on a hilltop at midnight and watch the oceans of stars and feel the moon caress my skin. I want to rejoice in the first rains after a long hot summer and discover the wild flowers in spring.

Yes, I shall wait here … and rest awhile.

17 thoughts on “I shall wait here … and rest awhile”

  1. I couldnt think of anywhere nicer to be right now and a very good decision. You need time to re-set your compass and see where things take you…take care…Joyce x

  2. Well Maria, overall, life is great, some times exciting, some times sad, but and you can do everything you desire, it just needs you to take the first step. Who knows what the future holds, I don’t think anyone does but go ahead and do the things you want now and then do them again tomorrow.

  3. Cyprus is the place where Lazarus decided to come, so it’s said, after he was brought back to life by Jesus. Cyprus itself is an excellent life raft long believed to hold healing gifts( for women especially) if we are open to the energy of this ancient land.
    So- on many levels your decision is not only quite poetic and inspiring, it’s also logical and sound.
    ( I’m a bit pleased, can you tell?)

  4. The land of Aphrodite is a very inspirational place to be, plenty of time to collect your thoughts and cherish your inner being

  5. This was more than lovely words, Maria…. it expressed a sense of serenity that was very reassuring for me. To linger awhile in Cyprus does feel like the right thing to do, and while it is your life I am sure Donald would have approved. Love from John and Marina

  6. Such beautiful words Maria… I was reading and had a mental picture of you walking along the beach taking everything in… I think it’s a wise decision… Take your time and rest awhile. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Love Marina xx

  7. Happy birthday Maria… Thinking of you on your special day and will drink a toast to you. Love Marina and John x

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