Yesterday is a memory – tomorrow a dream.

Yesterday was the commemoration of my birth day. Today I have found my dharma – my (new) purpose in life : to put my attention on my intention to be the best artist I could be.

Every dream is like a seed, waiting to be fertilized so that it may sprout and grow into what it was intended to be. Today I plant my seed in a new field of all possibilities so that it may sprout and manifest my dreams.

Two days ago I had no dreams, no desires. I was a vacuum hanging in limbo, neither coming nor going. I was numb, showing the world a face that they were familiar with. My dharma has been single-mindedly devoting my life to that of my husband, seeing to his every need, his every desire, dovetailing with his shifting moods and trying to help him find his joy.

Suddenly, that dharma is non-existent. Suddenly, there is only space and time and a place – according to Einstein, all non-existent anyway. Thus, a vacuum – a black hole – a nothingness that wasn’t really there … became my state of mind.

But, this morning, as I was listening in silence, there it was.
The purpose.
The desire.
The dream.

That field of all possibilities suddenly glittered in front of me – a new day had dawned. So, in order to start manifesting my dreams, I need to tend that field – plough it, till it, sow my seeds and watch what grows. Then I need to weed them, water them and feed them … I’m a farmer’s daughter after all.

We shall speak no more of sadness; we shall speak no more of pain
There is a new day dawning to which I’m laying claim

Speak to me of new beginnings; speak to me of joy
The boat has found its harbour,
Throw the rope around the buoy.

8 thoughts on “SPEAK TO ME OF JOY”

      1. Dear Margarita, How lovely to hear from you! Yes, lots and lots of gardening to be done, physically as well as spiritually! Perhaps one of these fine days you will come and see it all – perhaps next Spring! Keep on writing … Many blessings to you.

  1. No matter what may happen, we’ll both be here if you should need us – always in our thoughts.

    ‘er and me x

  2. Your courage, tenacity and determination to Live Life, whatever it may throw at you, is an inspiration to us all. Follow your dharma, (“follow your bliss”!) it is the one certain way to bring peace – to yourself and the world. All love to you, J

    1. Thanks to you for giving me that wonderful gift so many years ago : “Quantum Healing” by Deepak Chopra. It simply steered my in the right direction for which I will be ever grateful. All that remained was for me to discover that Field of all Possibilities. Love you lots!

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