This is a term used in the art world to describe strong contrast between light and dark. This day has decided to be just that – brilliant light at times and dark thundery clouds at others. As I am particularly fond of chiaroscuro I don’t mind this at all; I just can’t do any painting while this light is changing from minute to minute.

Every Wednesday morning I join a group of artists at our local club where we share ideas, banter, as well as refreshments. It also serves as great inspiration to see others’ work and try to do as well as they do.

This is the Kamares Club inside and out. It’s so nice I had to show you twice! (I couldn’t find the button that says ‘remove’!)

Since last Wednesday my artistic activities have been hamstrung as on Thursday I’ve had a cataract removed – the second –and since then I’ve been resting and recuperating. We don’t realise how fragile our organisms are until we come up against the trials and tribulations of simply being alive.

As most of you know, I’ve lost my dearest beloved in August and I threw myself into all that needed to be done and coped with everything that needed coping with. I’m really pleased that I did that as, if I had waited, I would not have coped well at all. But I did … or so I thought!

Three and a half months later, feeling strong, I made the appointment with the ophthalmic surgeon and had the deed done. Thanks to all the gods for friends like Jennifer, a homeopathic doctor, who carted me backwards and forwards. After seeing the doctor on Friday morning for the first check-up, I came home and … crashed.

After sleeping for hours and hours, I felt extremely frail and shaky for the rest of the day, went to bed (again!) at about 8.00 pm and slept and slept. This was my body telling me that I have been cruel and punishing to myself as I pretended that all was well in my world.

Outside, the sun now is shining brilliantly and the wind is using the trees as paintbrushes to prepare the canvas for the next scene. I was going to paint today but Mother Nature decided that the time was not yet right; she took over the job.

Meditating on the fragility of the human organism, I was reminded of that wonderful man, Carl Sagan. Do your remember him? He took us flying through the cosmos on gossamer wings all those years ago and I would so much like to share this clip with you – please copy and paste: – it makes me feel really, really small and insignificant.

And while you are at YouTube, why not watch the last interview with this incredible man; it comes in three parts.

There is one thing however, that nurtures me and that is the knowledge that we, each and every living thing on this planet, are part of that stardust. The Great Creator of All That Is – you may call her whatever you want – has put us all on this tiny blue dot; this pixel in the fabric of the cosmos. Unfortunately, we have not (yet?) learned to live in Peace and Harmony and on this tiny blue dot, we all try and destroy each other and the planet. When will the human race see reason? When will we be able to live amongst each other despite our various belief systems and live and let live? Why is that so difficult?

We are destroying everything, like the oldest continually operating city in the world, Damascus – and for what? Has anyone ever SEEN God? How is it possible to argue over such an abstract concept? But, perhaps if we are able to look our fellow man in the eye and show love and compassion, help and understanding, perhaps then we will discover the place where God resides. We are ONE! Your God is within.

Yes, I feel strongly today as heavy artillery is drawn to face each other just 260 miles from where I live. I wish I understood why. Each and every reason I can come up with comes down to greed, hate and discord between neighbours. And in essence, it’s because of whose God is the right one. Unbelievable, huh?

By the way, in Greek the word ‘cosmos’ means order – the antithesis of chaos. Isn’t there a lesson somewhere?

Soon we will blow this tiny blue dot out of existence and God will go and have her tea.

2 thoughts on “CHIAROSCURO”

  1. Young Lady, Why Oh Why – did you not tell me you were having a second cataract removed? I wondered why I had not been able to wave to you. I will phone you tomorrow. xx

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