Now that we all know we are SAFE from utter destruction, life can perhaps go on.

What a load of old you-know-what! Such a lot of hoo-ha over a simple switching one light off and another one on – the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Like John Lennon said : getting out of one car and getting into another – but he was talking about death. In a way, that was what just happened : one era died and another was born. Hooray!

This 2012-thing did release a lot of energy, good and bad. It really all depends on how each individual handles the abundance. Yes, there is such a lot of opportunity in this world if only people would stop asking : “What’s in it for me?” as opposed to : “What can I give (or do) to make this a better world?” It’s a bit like going for a job interview and instead of asking : “Have you got a job for me?” rather ask : “How can I contribute to making this company/institution/organisation/position better?”

Silly? I think not. We, the entire world, are in a pickle and we need to get out of it and make it better. Napoleon Hill* suggested that to get out of the Great Depression, the above questions should be paramount. We are all in it together and we need to get out of it … together. There simply is no way that you can reap what you have not sown and if you are looking for a good harvest, you better sow the right seeds.

Oh, perhaps this is just an old woman reminiscing at the end of a year; at the end of an era and at the ‘end’ of all she has known and been familiar with until now. Things have changed for me in 2012 – in a massive way. And the time has come to evaluate Life from all angles before moving into the new age and the new year.

I guess I can count myself amongst the lucky ones as I have good health, terrific family and friends, a roof over my head that is paid for and enough food to feed my tribe from time to time. I have a fabulous garden that needs a lot of tender care as all the happenings of 2012 made for neglect. Another lucky thing is that I love gardening and I have two splendid dogs to keep me company whilst digging, weeding, planting and sowing. However, right now the garden is a sodden mess from an unusually high rainfall for December. This normally happens around end-January and during February of each year. But I guess the Universe had to have a house-cleaning exercise to herald in the new era. I wonder if it rained on other planets too …

I do look forward to 2013 as I will be visiting my homeland again after an absence of eight years. I look forward to the adventure of doing things solo although there will be many of those things that will hurt like hell; but an adventure it will be nonetheless. I’ve not done many things on my own; it’s a whole new learning curve and in many instances, a steep one. Sometimes the answers elude me and then … kaboom! They are right there where they always were, just waiting to be discovered!

One of these things that bothered me was the watering of my eyes after having had cataract removals, once in 2008 and once in November this year. I’ve tried everything to stop this irritating thing! And then this morning, it came to me : my body tried, on both occasions, to reject the foreign body (implanted lenses). It’s as simple as that and since that light went up, the watering seems to have subsided … if I were a meerkat, I would’ve clicked my tongue. Now I have to re-programme my mind in order to accept and welcome these wondrous lenses that enable me to see the beauty around me as well as enabling me to do what I love most : creating artistic things, especially painting.

That was just one of the things that bothered me. Yet, there have been so many things that trilled and surprised me and most of that came down to the kindness of people.

My darling Donald’s passing in August brought home to me the circle of friends we have built up since we arrived here in Cyprus in 2001. And the great thing about friends is that we retained those we left behind … both in South Africa and the rest of the world. And all along our travels, we found more of them – friends, that is!

It has also become clear to me why, traditionally, widows/widowers are supposed to be in mourning for a full year. It takes that long to re-learn how to live on one’s own! One has to go through each annual event such as birthdays, Easter, the seasons and Christmas without your partner, before being able to finally let go and moving forwards. I have only just completed a third of that time and come to realise just how much more I have to learn. The festive season is a time to be jolly and unite with family and friends. Well, most of my family are many miles away and although the friends are extremely supportive and loving, they all have their own families to celebrate with. No, I’m not complaining, honest! And I will be with dear friends. It’s just another life lesson on the curve and that’s OK – I’m good, as our American friends would say.

We, here in Tala (my village), are in the process of founding an arts centre as the community is large and there are many artists living in the area. We had our preliminary meeting last week and guess who the secretary is? Moi! Having had quite an extensive background in running my own art gallery in South Africa for some 10 years as well as being active in the Open Studios activities here, I’m really happy to be able to bring my skills to the table and help make this project a success. I’m also not asking what’s in it for me … I’m hoping to serve the community.

Paphos town, our municipal hub, won the honour of being elected Culture City 2017 and it’s time to start thinking and planning. Interesting times lie ahead and I’m already beginning to get really excited. Lots of things are already going on in preparation for the big event but imaginative planning needs to be fine-tuned. I’m really looking forward to this!

Finally, I would like to say to each and every one of you who have been right by my side – literally and figuratively – during the dark days in August, the most heartfelt Thank You for being there for me. I shall NEVER forget!

I also wish you and your loved ones the most blessed festive season
and the absolute best for 2013.
Go forth and prosper!
May the Force be with you!!

6 thoughts on “THAT 2012-THING”

  1. Donald would be/is very proud of you. Good luck with all your new adventures. Much love, Jacqui and Ian xxxxx

    1. I was just saying to a friend of mine yesterday that so many people have commented on my last blog post … I actually didn’t think it was terribly good! How odd that it resonated with many people. I’m not trying to be brave or anything of the kind; I’m trying to get to grips with this new life of ultimate freedom to do exactly as I wish without having to ask anyone’s permission! Does that sound heartless? I feel not, as I have dedicated a huge chunk of my life to my loved ones, especially Donald and my time has now come and I intend making the absolute best of every moment. In fact, it’s really the first time in my life that I am able to do everything that I have always wanted to do and I’m able to afford it too! OK, I’m not flush with money, but I will forever remain grateful to a man who has looked after me for the rest of my life. So, it really just comes down to indulgence … ;o)

      Thank you both for being part of my life and in the past, of our life. I will see you in 2013!

  2. Hi my Liefste Tante, dankie vir die mooi skrywe, en ja, more is dit my eerste Kersfees sonder Danie, en hy sou ook verjaar het, hy was ‘n Krismisbaba. Maar snaaks genoeg, ons lewe saam was so ‘n rollercoster ride vir 3 jare, dat ek eintlik nie gepla is om te treur nie. Ek is op ‘n baie weird plek wat dit aanbetref, maar voel half “gedwonge” daartoe.. . . .nie deur iemand nie, maar iets binne in myself. Merry Christmas daai kant en sterkte met die eerste alleen Kersfees vir jou ook. Ons gesels weer! Ciao!

  3. Hi Maria, Donald would be proud of you. The first of everything is very hard and we have both encountered our “first” Christmas and New Year as widows. Thank goodness for the support of family and friends. I look forward to your visit next year and it will be another “first” for us, meeting without our significant other. 2012 was certainly an annus horribilus and let us hope that 2013 brings much peace and health for us all. Much love Marina xxx

    1. I know we have both had really bad ‘incidents’ in 2012 but I’m not looking back at the year as an annus hirribilus. Apart from the struggles, we have also had really good times and I’m remembering those. I’m not going to be sad as I have a feeling that Donald is making up for lost time watching cricket and rugby to his heart’s content! I hope you have a really good 2013, Marina – I am determined to make mine so!

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