Since coming back from my South African sojourn, I couldn’t get my teeth into anything as I was waiting for my friend, Jennifer, to arrive from the States. She was coming to settle here in Cyprus and I had offered that she should stay with me until she found her feet. But that month of waiting dragged by and finally, she emerged through the double doors at the airport, laden with luggage! Poor woman had a terrible trip from New York LaGuardia Airport, evacuated to Florida’s Orlando Airport because of the Boston bombings and then two more stops before eventually arriving at Paphos!

She was in deep need of R&R which I happily supplied as best as I could. I think it worked at she now seems to be just about back to normal.

Well, since her arrival, we have been rather busy socially with all kinds of weird, wonderful and exciting things. This is now tapering off and we are both ready to start picking up the threads of our normal existence. She has almost completed a small book on radiation treatment and I have more or less arrived at a point where I’m getting ready to put my villa on the market and downsize.

Still, I seem to be floundering as the whole idea of selling and moving away from this wonderful property is a gut wrenching experience.

However, after a real heads-up attack on the system that has been making me (non-EU citizen) wait for thirteen years to be granted permission to own property in Cyprus, I succeeded! Yes, good old Cyprus and the way things are done here … It suddenly happened when I had a meeting arranged with one of the head honchos at the developers’ head office. I was, the day before the meeting, informed that the permission had been granted and I could now get my Title Deeds. This is ironic, as Donald and I had jointly owned this place since we signed the Contract of Sale in 1998 … Yeah, make of that what you will. I also made sure I had my lawyer and my friend Jennifer at the meeting and it went like a dream. Every question I asked, had a positive response.

Since then I have been thinking long and hard and tried to get going with the planning of the whole project. So many things to change, move and get rid of. Silver, copper and brass plus all antique furniture to be polished, photographed and catalogued as they will be sent elsewhere.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I was yearning to get stuck into sewing as I was deeply enthusiastic since I visited with my sewing-teacher-daughter. I even ordered a dressmaker’s model … and on top of all that, a friend of mine who has moved back to South Africa, gave me a huge box full of assorted fabrics!

Now I’m in a quandary as the house needs to be made buyer-friendly and I have nowhere to set up my sewing room … aaagh! There it was again … the waiting game. I set up three work stations in the study where I can use my PC, paint and sew but there are shortcomings … I need to get rid of at least two book cases and all the books they contain. We have already taken four loads of books to the Paphiakos charity shop (animal welfare) and there are loads more to go!

The photography has been going well and I’ve done more than half. Still lots to do. The porch at the front door needs to be beautified and made welcoming and this will happen in the next day or two – plants and paint already bought, longer stepladder borrowed from a neighbour. And then there are 20 patio pots around the pool area that need replanting and prettified. You’ll just have to wait for the photographs!

This all adds to the fun of living, I think! My problem is the old bones are objecting a bit and some mornings it’s hard to get going. Energy supply is abundant but I need to tap into it and get some more! That means being still and sitting with intent … which takes time … which makes me feel jittery as I need to DO things … which cancels out the entire sitting in stillness exercise! Catch 22 …

This afternoon I’m going to see a man about a tomb stone as he is an artist as far as design and working in stone and resin is concerned. He’s the man, methinks.

This morning the gardeners were rained out so tomorrow morning, Sunday, they will return at … 7.00 am! No rest for this poor old wicked.

However, there are many joyful times when Jennifer and I watch Korean dramas to which she introduced me, catch up on other television series and films, make lovely food and generally enjoy each other’s company. I’m just hoping she won’t get overworked with all this stuff going on around her! One other discovery I made is the fantastic fashion that Koreans wear – it’s gorgeous! But with my sewing a bit in the air, I can’t wait to get started using all that fabulous fabrics!

If all this sounds a bit hot-wired, then you will know exactly how my brain is sizzling at the moment … so much to do, so little time! I’m hoping that the house-selling project will all be done and dusted by the end of this year. My plans to visit the UK in September seem to be just plans at present. Perhaps I should aim to go there in the spring … I can do with some daffodil and bluebell viewing, long walks in the woods … hmm, sounds good.

3 thoughts on “LIKE A FLOUNDERING FISH …”

  1. Baie sterkte met al jou planne!! Geniet jou skryfstyl baie en lekker om saam met jou alles te beleef. Onthou die fotos hoor. Liefjou

  2. Dear Maria

    So happy you had company on your return. I feel for you selling the home you shared with Donald for so many years and I too am in the same boat. I suppose we both need to start another chapter in our lives as hard as it is. The boys are up there smiling down on us. I wish you all the best with the sale. Please keep me informed of your plans and if I can help in anyway please let me know. Lots of love M.

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