The Long Goodbye

“Time to Say Goodbye” to my old Viking. May he Feast in Peace.

Scientists say that everything in the Universe vibrates as everything is made up of energy. Energy cannot be destroyed nor can it be changed; energy IS. They (the scientists) also maintain that when we die, that energy field that is us, detaches itself from the mortal vehicle and rejoins the ultimate energy field from whence we came – the Matrix.

Another theory is that our dear departed people use that energy field and when they wish to make contact, they ‘play’ with electrics and electronics to get our attention. Well, since Monday morning, I have gone through a series of ‘faulty’ equipment that then miraculously got back to working order without any interference. First it was my computer screen that just didn’t want to come to life and I drove it to the computer hospital – only to have the ‘doctor’ tell me there was nothing wrong with it. So, next came the tower which were also diagnosed as ‘nothing wrong’.

I set it all up again and both components worked perfectly … but then the speakers just didn’t want to tune up! However, later on they did.

And then, on Tuesday, my dishwasher decided all by itself to change its programme and also to close the inlet valve – also all by itself. I washed up all the dishes by hand and then tried the dishwasher again – and now it works perfectly once more! I can tell you, I’m not just a bit perturbed … but, I am smiling.

And then it happened again! The PC now finally just doesn’t want to do its stuff although the hard drive is just over a year old. But the most annoying of all is the my big TV screen decided that it doesn’t wish to comply with any commands … Wednesday evening. Now, I know that tomorrow is the big day and it also happens to be the day on which I’m paying the lawyer who has been handling the probate process. Unbelievably this man knocked off €5000 from the bill which came to more or less what I had expected – for no reason at all. I find all this rather disturbing. Unlike Demi Moore in Ghost I’m totally receptive – just tell me, please!

My question to the Energy Field is : “What?”

Whatever the answer to that question may be, here is my tribute to The Old Warrior.

The last holiday we had together was in Malta and he truly enjoyed the experience. His elder daughter and her husband were there as well and that gladdened his heart.


There were so many happy times we’ve had together – exotic places we’ve visited – interesting people we’ve met. One such place that Donald adored was Lake Como in Italy – he simply loved it there as everything was so conveniently accessible around the lake and he loved going on the ferries!

From the terrace Steamer ferry Uno rapido DSC_0375

And I’ll never forget the first time we flew First Class – we were actually upgraded on a Caledonian flight from Heathrow to New York. Gosh, that was an experience and a half. Never knew how the other half lived … and then I wanted more of the same. And we had more than! Twice between London and New York on Concorde … yes, do you remember that magnificent aircraft? What a shame that they no longer fly.

We had some truly magnificent times during his years with Edgars – or as it’s now known: EDCON. The other day, my lawyer gave me a lift in his really nice Mercedes and I have no idea what his opinion is of me, but I got the distinct impression that he thought I should be impressed! Well, if only he knew the numerous exotic transporters this body has travelled in … and all those incredible people we had met and still know. I had to smile as only a few people would understand what I’m talking about here. Those were the fat years. And no, I don’t miss them – they were good when they were good. I rejoice in the fact that we had them together.

Penny with donkeys Buggy ride Misty mooring

Here are just a few!

If it were not for those fat years, I would never have had what I have now. And for that I will remain eternally grateful to a man who planned everything to the nth degree. Sometimes I got a bit impatient with him while he would sit and write up lists, do the asset register on a monthly basis and keep track of fluctuations in the markets. Now the shoe is on the other foot and I had to learn pretty fast! Now I make those lists and check things out on the internet! I feel him laughing at me …

I’m in the final stages of winding up the estate and eventually, I will have Title Deeds in my own name. However this could take a while longer as there is the month of August holidays to enjoy … in sweltering heat! The whole of the Mediterranean region seems to go on holiday in August.

There were so many happy memories that I treasure but I won’t bore you with the details. Let me just say that I often smile when I remember him; there hasn’t been another like him and there never will be again. He was totally unique and I honour his memory.

I wonder if you would indulge me as I share something ‘strange’ with you. I must warn you that I am a bit psychic … forget about the scientists!

As I was waiting for my artist friend, Vic Smith, to put the finishing touches to the gravestone, I walked along this beautiful shady avenue in the cemetery.

2013-07-16 09.09.47

The place is truly one of peace and calm. I looked at some of the inscriptions and the tributes that others have paid to their loved ones. All the messages were filled with such sadness, especially when they appeared on the gravestones of children.

And then I felt it : these departed souls were NOT unhappy! I could almost feel them dancing in the air around me. And then it hit me: They are happy! Yes, ARE happy, as we speak. It’s us poor sods who are left behind who cannot let go of them! We are the unhappy ones because our little egos cannot detach from that which we’ve had.  In my opinion, we are doing those who have departed such a disservice by keeping them back from what their true purpose is; they have work to do!

I grieved, and still do – make no mistake. But in my belief system, we Let Go. We send those who leave us on their way to wherever they are called and so be it. I believe that we, as Spiritual Beings, have a mortal experience when we inhabit the body. But, it is not the body that is having a spiritual experience, but the other way around. The Spirit (or Soul) is having an in-body experience. And THAT is what makes the body A Temple.

The Soul is Pure, Infinite, Abundant and Immortal. The Soul IS The Universe – or if you prefer : God – and vice versa – the body is simply the vehicle it uses for a period of time to have a mortal experience. Because of that knowledge, I never feel alone as I am able to connect to all my departed loved ones at any time I desire – and be joyful.

OK, I guess that does it – you’ve stopped reading some time ago!

I am grateful. I am a better person for having known Donald. I regret nothing. I can sit and smile and think: “We’ve done that!” instead of regretting the things we have not done. We had a wonderfully full life – thank you, Donald.

Donald aDonald cThe Shield, The Hammer and The Helmet

Thank you Vic Smith for a magnificent piece of work!

8 thoughts on “The Long Goodbye”

    1. Thank you, Rena – and also thank you plenty for yesterday; thoroughly enjoyed myself! The number of the house I mentioned is Plot 115 and there is a For Sale sign up on the lower of the two gates. Worth a look!!!

  1. Maria what a beautiful tribute! Thinking of you especially today. You are on my thoughts and prayers. Xxxx

    1. Thank you, my sweet Marina! Also a big thank you for your call this morning – sorry I missed it! Was at the bank paying the lawyer. We’ll talk soon – thank you for sending the number!! Love you lots!

  2. A magnificent and fitting tribute to the old warrior who smiles beside you ( mischievously, it seems!) still.

  3. A splendid tribute to our darling Donald! The original and simply the best. I left a message on what’s app for you and have been thinking of both of you all day. Came back from scorching England on Tuesday after 3 weeks and it is truly lovely to be home. I went to Lords for a day of Ashes saw 16 wickets go down and thought how pleased Donald must be that his team have retained the little urn!
    Much love Penny & Keith.

  4. Dear Maria

    What an amazing grave. Was this planned by you and Donald or did it just seem right? I like your thoughts on spirits inhabiting a temporary physical body rather than the other way round.

    We went to Gill’s wedding at the w/e which was very nice despite appalling weather. Fortunately we were inside all the time so It didn’t matter. Gill looked very elegant in a cream trouser suit with a long line gray jacket and she and Jack both seemed very happy.

    Shirley and Robin travelled up with John and Jacqui (we flew) and they popped in to see Doris for a short time. Shirley was quite upset in the change in her since we last saw her. She recognised John but is so deaf and probably poor sighted that any communication is difficult.

    Richard and family are supposed to be going to Nairobi today – the day after the fire. At one time the holiday was cancelled as the airport was closed but this morning he was hopeful that they would be going after all, so fingers crossed.

    Thinking of you especially today


    Pam and John

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