The Villa … putting on the Ritz …

The story of redecorating the outside of the house – or VILLA as it’s known here – started a while ago. But before I get to it, I have to backtrack even a bit further into the past.

Donald and I had given notice to redeem a certain investment some 3½ years ago and last year, I was told that this would now be happening but in small chunks. The first bit came through in the beginning of this year and amounted to €3890. I thought I would put that aside for the redecorating. And then I started getting quotations …

The first one came in at €5500 for the walls only plus about €20 per hour to do the woodwork. There is a lot of wood! I thought the guy must be nuts. The second quotation came in at €2800 for the walls and they wanted to replace the wooden shutters with alunimium ones that look like wood. I warned about price as we considered doing that about 5 years ago and the price was ferocious. As it turned out, they had to rethink and the man who was supposed to be doing the woodwork was really not interested in taking on the job of badly deteriorated shutters.

The day that Jennifer and I went to the herb garden, we were waiting for some Happiness Tea to be mixed and were discussing the quotations. A young man came up and apologised for ‘eavesdropping’ but he happened to be a painter. I thought he was referring to artistic painting and asked what kind of painting he did. “House painting,” he said. He also happened to have a South African accent … as he was born there of Cypriot parents.

Long story short : he came to the house with his Syrian sidekick who, incidentally almost slavered at the prospect of working on the wood! He sent the quotation through and it came to … €3800 – all inclusive! And as the advertisement says, there is more! He happened to have gone to school in Greenside – primary and high school – which was about 5 minutes’ drive from where we used to live in Randburg.

Was this man sent to me, or what?

They started on the job on Monday, 14 April and COMPLETED it on Thursday, 24 April – 10 days from start to finish and they had taken the shutters down and completely overhauled and reinforced them. Previously, they used to scrape on the ground when opening and shutting, and now they don’t … AND they affixed bolts onto the inside of the middle section so that one can now keep them in place for part shade. They also fixed and oiled the loungers, the patio seat and … the doghouse for no extra charge! Am I blessed, or what!

Here are a few pictures of how it was done.

Ahmed - the happy Syrian  ComparisonsHe's got a long one  The carport - wood!  The front entrance doneMinas on the right - shutters rehungLooks like a villa

And that’s the story of the villa’s facelift. At some stage I will have to give her an internal overhaul as the walls are in need of TLC – but I’m afraid that will have to wait a little while longer.

Meanwhile, I have started a new venture and if you have a look at – that’s my baby!  I’ve decided to have it upgraded to give it a more professional look and this is underway. This coming Thursday sees the inaugural exhibition by 20 of its members and if you are willing to work your way through it, the story is on my other blog: – yes, I’m a busy little bee and it keeps the old grey cells chugging along nicely.

Just in case you haven’t seen the old mug lately, this is it:

At the herb garden   Until next time, stay safe, healthy and happy!


3 thoughts on “The Villa … putting on the Ritz …”

  1. Having been through the renovations phase myself, I share your relief in finding a good quality bargain. Now we just have to get our bottoms over there for a visit (and of course, this time as a larger family)!

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