Since I sent out the blog post, Katie deteriorated quite quickly. On Tuesday evening, at around 6.00pm, she went out into the garden for the umpteenth time as she was very unsettled. She had not eaten much for about three days and it was beginning to show in many ways. She had drunk copious amounts of water though.

I couldn’t find her anywhere, searching high and low (literally) and eventually – now by torch light – found her at the bottom of the garden in one of the most inaccessible places. She simply was not strong enough to get back up to the house …

I had previously arranged with the vet to let Katie go to heaven on Wednesday morning at 9.00am and had also arranged that my friend, Jennifer, would come over to give me a hand with Jessie. So, it was a matter of waiting out the night until I could release her from her misery in the morning.

We camped out under the stars and I made her as comfortable as I could on a ground sheet and thick duvet and we settled down for the night. Of course, there was no way of thinking about sleep. However, I did drop off around 3.00am and woke up being shivvery-cold at about 4.20am. She had passed over during exactly that time when I had fallen asleep! She was in exactly the same position as before and had gone without a sound; simply stopped breathing.

I would guess she is now with her daddy in Valhalla where they can hunt, play and feast together. At least, that’s what I would like to believe.


Rest in Peace, my sweet Kate.

2 thoughts on “SWEET KATIE”

  1. You must feel very sad and in some ways relieved, no more pain for Katie. Thank you for letting us know, in our thoughts, P x

    : Sent from Penny’s iPad


  2. a big long hug to you, Jennifer and Jessie.
    Katie, you were a one-of-a-kind sweetie and I am so glad you went peacefully with your tribe all around you. you *deserved* that. now Donald can have you jumping all over him! xxx

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