You must have thought I had left the planet … I have just been really busy with all the things that please and satisfy me. The other day I described myself to a friend I hadn’t seen in many years as a hedonist. Sometimes I really feel like one!
I seem to be pursuing the pleasures of my heart. I can hear you say, “And why not?” I am, after all, retired. I have just celebrated my milestone of reaching the end of my allotted three score years and ten and I have a middle finger up at whoever ‘prescribed’ that life span! This girl is here to stay, baby – for more than just a day … I will let you know when I reach my target.

Retirement is a strange thing. At least, it is for me. It is in my nature not to sit and twiddle my thumbs. Even though I have difficulty in holding knitting needles, I am knitting myself a sweater while listening to the radio or talks on the internet. Just cannot be idle …

I may have mentioned before that I have started a website for all the artists living in Cyprus so that we can put our art on the map. It is progressing well and as it becomes better known, more artists are joining. There is no rush to push this into a thriving business as I’m doing it for my own satisfaction and in the process I am trying to help others. That hedonistic influence again! However, I never realised just how much work there would be involved, especially with the exhibitions. There is another one coming up in mid-November, aimed at the Christmas shoppers. Wouldn’t you like to own an original piece of art, especially when it is given to you with love and the Christmas spirit? I know I would!

This keeps me fairly busy as I am the only website administrator but I’m thinking of finding two partners who could develop the Greek and Russian markets but that is very much in the embryo stage. I’m also thinking long-term in that I will not be doing this forever and it would be nice to, one day, be able to hand over/sell the website to someone else who would be as passionate about it as I am. If you haven’t already seen it, have a look here:

And speaking of passion … This last week I have really made giant steps forward with my own art. I’m not sure if it was due to a programme I listened to or whether it was the age-thing, but suddenly I discovered I could sketch like I have always dreamed of sketching! I have always been reluctant to show anyone my sketchbooks because they are so pathetically prissy and tight. Now I am loose and flowing in my movements and found that charcoal is just the most wonderful medium to sketch with. First thing in the morning, I do one small sketch of whatever pops into my head and during the day, when I get an idea I go straight to the sketchbook and put it on the page before I (once again) forget what that idea was. It’s like a dream: as soon as you wake up, it evaporates never to be remembered again. Well, I’ve nailed them now, those ideas!

sketchbook    Some early morning doodlings


This led me into a lovely new direction with the actual painting process. And it happened synchronistically.

A few weeks ago I said to my friend, Jennifer, that my ideal holiday for 2015 would be another painting holiday in Tuscany, arranged by the people with whom I first went on a painting holiday there. And, that it should be in September.

Know what happened? Within two days, an email popped into my inbox offering exactly that! And … the tutor already does what I am aspiring to do in my own art! How is that for an answer from the Universal Matrix? So, next September, Italy – here I come again!

This all means that I can pursue my new painting direction and all things remaining equal, I might just have my own exhibition after coming back from Italy next year. The whole thing fills me with excitement as my style has changed from realism to almost abstract – a looseness I have been trying to achieve all my life, on many levels! And while I’m writing this, I’m yearning to smell the paint!

Another thing I have been ‘wishing’ for since he left the island years ago, was for my T’ai Chi teacher to return and teach again. On my birthday, the phone rang and it was John telling me that he was settling in Cyprus on a permanent basis! He is giving his first T’ai Chi demo on the 16th of October, which is another synchronistic event as that date is also the birthday of my late son … a true gift. I’ve been craving T’ai Chi for a long time but did not like any other style/form than the one he taught.

The seasons are also changing and the summer heat is fading away. It also makes me more energetic and creates that lust for digging in the soil and putting in new seeds and seedlings and those spring bulbs. Each seed or bulb holds the intention of becoming a flourishing plant, producing flowers and/or fruit or vegetables. I was reminded this morning that the acorn contains the entire oak tree …

Little Jessie and I walk each day and she has found a friend nearby. Barney is a Labrador and about seven months old – they love each other and Barney has come over to play twice now. She does miss Katie’s company but we are lucky that we often meet other dogs who are always willing to play and say hello. No, I’m not going to get another one!

Barney   This is Barney

One of the hills of my village   One of the hills of my village (Kamares)

Sunset over the Med   Sunset over the Mediterranean … and Jessie’s head!

This Christmas I will be visiting some family and friends in South Africa and will be celebrating Christmas in the old-fashioned way: on a farm! It will be like stepping back into my childhood. The New Year will be celebrated with my boet and his wife – he should buy some green bananas now!

I wish I could see all of my family members, but the country is so vast and they are scattered all over the place. There is just no way I will be able to do that. Perhaps they should come and visit me!

I wish you joy and happiness but most of all, I wish you love! And Happy New Year to my Jewish friends!!!
Till next time,

P.S. Here is something else you might like to have a look at …—culture-post-3451261.html

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