My first discovery was just how difficult is was to make the WordPress blog an actual website … I still have not succeeded! My desire/aim was to create a homepage that looked like a homepage, e.g. static. Life’s too short! When I mentioned this to a friend of mine, she said: ‘Easy peasy’ but I am still struggling …

It occurred to me that when I learned how to type and work in an office, there was hardly any jargon. Typewriter was typewriter and the ribbon that you used in it was just the ribbon, either plain black or black and red. Paper was just paper too.



No, I’m not quite that aged but I can resonate with her! (image:


Something like this is what I used when I stopped my 9 to 5 job (image: victor rivera edtech tools)

This technology learning curve almost passed me by as I retired from being an Office Administrator before I had to learn how to do word processing … now I regret not having learned it! I get by, but I miss out on so very much – all those shortcuts and keyboard strokes that do terrific things in the wink of an eye … sigh. No, I cannot start learning something else right now – my cup overfloweths!

In the process of trying to work with the WordPress site as a website, I decided to build myself a separate website. I’ve done this before and can do it again – no problem. I’m working on that. Again, a lot to learn as it’s not the same provider I have used before – this one is free … I just want something really simple!

This all came about when I was doing (still am) an on-line course to learn how to market my art (and the art of other artists) using the internet in its widest spectrum, but specifically through email list building. (See – he offers a goldmine of information!) Still learning that too … However, the first essential ingredient in this process is to have a website … thus all this learning! I often feel like a forager in the woods looking for the tiniest morsel to satisfy this enormous hunger for knowledge. Every morsel is like nectar …

In my searches, I have come across most wonderful things too. I am sharing with you something that I thought was admirable and lodged the thought of foraging in my mind. Have a look what Nick Neddo of Vermont in the USA does … for fun! And the incredibly beautiful pieces of art he produces. Here is the link:

And making that discovery I also came across a name with which I was a bit familiar, but never investigated: Andy Goldsworthy – just google him and feast your eyes! I’ve bookmarked him so that I can go back and look again. You see, I am using jargon!

On this Spring Equinox, the wind is blowing at a force 7 up in some of the mountainous areas and we are being walloped with the ends of that whip – it is freezing outside with the windchill factor making it feel like below zero! The sun is very frugal with its heat today even though it’s supposed to be 14 degrees Celsius. Good excuse to stay indoors and … learn some more!

Till next time, keep on creating!



… as Sherlock told Watson.

You will notice that a bit of refurbishing has taken place since your last visit and still further developments will follow. I started this blog way back when Donald and I were considering relocating to the UK and then things went awry and I’m still here in my beloved Cyprus … Since the dust had settled, I have been contemplating my art and writing career – yes, career as I have been receiving royalty cheques, you know! Not that I would ever be able to get rich on that, but it is rewarding to say the least.

And that brings me to my art business. I accepted WordPress’ invitation to create a website and … got this blog … which I already had! However, in the process I changed the name and it is now a dot com – and that’s where the further development will take place: customising the homepage but I am still learning!

I have also started getting my studio up and running as it would befit a proper artist and soon I shall be showing you what happens in there. During the clearing and tidying phase, I came across quite a few half-finished pieces which, upon further consideration, could become something if developed further. That is what I am doing right now and so far, three pieces have been completed. I don’t use the word ‘finished’ as my instructor in Italy said that no piece of art is ever really finished but it reaches a stage when you may feel that it is complete. In fact, he said, a piece should be judged as ‘complete’ at various stages of its creation! But that’s another story. Here are two of them:

Fun on the beach  I’m gonna get you What's in the bucket  What’s in the bucket?


They were originally done in watercolour with which I was not at all happy and now they have been brought to life by adding pastels and thus have become ‘mixed media’! They are only small pieces but fun pieces.

So, in order not to break continuity I shall retain what has gone before and take it from there. I shall, however, use this website/blog now in a more creative way and will probably start another blog specifically for communication with friends and family. I just wanted to update you on where we stand right now.

I feel enthusiastic about the stage I have reached and look forward to getting stuck in and create loads of art in preparation for an Open Studio weekend or three during the summer/autumn months. Yes, I am using the phrase Open Studio even though the name has been officially registered as an NGO which only served to hamstring us as far as opening our studios to the public is concerned. However, I have decided that it will be used as it describes exactly what I do when I invite the public into my sanctum sanctorum.

Watch this space … lots and lots will happen soon as the game is truly afoot!