How things change…

In my last blog post I said I was hoping to report back before Christmas… Well, I have a few moments now to reflect and share and Christmas is still 4 months away. Oh, I will be spending Christmas and New Year’s in South Africa – might just see you around!

The Gallery in Tala village, where I was hoping to move to from here, has fallen flat on its face. The owner did not want to sign an agreement, nor have my name on the utility bills. But the cherry on top was when he asked for a year’s rent in advance… Nuts I am not!

So, my gorgeous home – villa, as they are called here – is now sold although I’m still waiting for the money to come forth.


The hold-up is a tax clearance certificate which is a story I shall not bore you with. It’s all under control between my lawyer and accountant, which means I have to wait; a non-activity which drives me just a little crazy. However, taking all things into consideration, they are slotting into place, albeit slower than expected. August is of course holiday month in Europe and just about every business closes… including people at the tax office taking their annual breaks! Patience is not one of my strong points but I’m sure learning how to take a deep breath.

I managed to find alternative accommodation as from October and will make the big move on the 17th. It is also a 4-bedroomed home, this time on one level – bungalow, as they are called in Europe – with the possibility to create a stunning roof garden as the garden itself is miniscule! I love rooftop gardens and this one has a sea-view!!

Anavargos     The roof garden to be  It looks small from the outside but it’s actually rather spacious. The rooftop is ready to be transformed…

There is also a studio space to die for, newly renovated… and the rental is much less than The Gallery wanted. This new place is in a village called Anavargos; these days villages are more like suburbs as “progress” has caused a building explosion over the years. My landlady is also an artist as well as a retired fashion designer… she paints icons at present, and beautiful they are too.

My daughter, Jo, has decided to relocate to Cyprus early in 2018, but we will not be sharing accommodation. I will keep you updated as long as you click on the FOLLOW button so that you get automatic notifications when I post again.

She has fallen in love with a particular area called Geroskipou and intends to rent a small apartment near the beach as she is a sun and water baby extraordinaire! She’s just not very keen on European winters, but we all adapt. She has just spent the hottest July we’ve had in 30 years over here and loved every minute, thanks to the pool and the sea…

Marvellous news is that my beloved brother and his wife will be spending almost 3 weeks with me in September! Can’t wait to show them around. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, have a look at a few things Cyprus has to offer:

The organising of Cyprus Open Studios is progressing well and the catalogue is almost ready to go to  the printers. What a lot of work – but I think it’s worth every effort. We’re in our second year now and we are planning on expanding the scope next year. Have a look at our website to see what it’s all about: 

Yes, I will be turning 73 in September but that doesn’t mean I have to sit on my porch and twiddle my thumbs – there is still so much I want to do in this lifetime! Oh, the new place has a lovely porch… and it’s in a cul-de-sac, which means no through traffic! Great!

The porch

You can just imagine a swing-seat on that porch, can’t you! Oh, the possibilities…

My beloved Jessica is almost 12 years old and is beginning to show signs of aging.

JessHere she is, enjoying a chicken supper while her right leg is resting on an ice-pack; inflammation of the elbow joint… starting medication in the morning. Poor baby!

Well, I think that has brought you all up to date with the happenings in Cyprus. We are also recording record tourist figures and by the end of the season, we will have catered for some 10-million visitors! The population of the island is less than that! This is, of course, due to the other choice places around the Mediterranean becoming unsafe to visit… I must say, the hospitality and catering people are doing a wonderful job!

Till next time, take care and may your God be with you.


Just to give you a taste of what our summer is about:

P.S. I always remember, after posting, the things I should have included…




2 thoughts on “How things change…”

  1. Hello Maria
    What good news……it sounds as though the new place will be more suitable than the first on many levels….excellent. Good luck with the move and I WILL write a Thomson missive soon! Love from us, Jxxxx

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