… what it would be like living with a whirlwind that could be likened to the cartooned Tasmanian Devil, I can now give you a detailed description! Lessons can be learned from my beloved daughter…


On the day of her arrival, I was taking my time getting ready to go to the airport in the belief that she was landing between 11:00 and 12:00. Just to be sure, I checked the schedule of arrivals only to discover that she was due for touchdown at around 10:00! The airport is a good 90 minutes steady driving from me, if one is lucky. This day turned out to be a good-traffic-day. However, I was slightly thrown off balance by my stupidity not to have checked earlier.

Waiting at the barrier for her to emerge, she managed to surprise me by coming from a completely different direction! I never realised there was a third exit… Did I mention something about being thrown off balance?

Well, another surprise was waiting for me: she had arranged to view a rental property that afternoon at 14:30 … barely enough time to get home and have some lunch! The property turned out to be The One as it ticked all the boxes – the agreement was signed within a week.

47b5e0ed936e8cc42dce3fa39bc0e27fHere’s the funny part: it is located in the village that I have moved out of in October last year! No, not Kamares – Tala, which is the greater village. Up on the hill above the amphitheatre is where she will watch sunsets to her heart’s content. It’s a view to die for!

A view to die for

I knew Jo was a woman of action but I never realised that action looked quite like that! Fifteen days after landing in her adopted country, every duck is sitting in its allocated place in the row: water, electricity, poolman, immigration, bank, car, make-shift filming studio, and dining-room suite – all ticked. The inside of the villa will be painted before her furniture arrives from South Africa – unpacking that will be fun! My list probably skims the top of what she has achieved over this fortnight. Yes, I’m a very proud mother.

And speaking of ducks, she has really taken to Cyprus living like the proverbial duck to water. She and my landlady have a lot in common in that Fanula used to be a fashion designer and they talk needlework as if they have known each other for years! One of the miraculous things where I live is that as soon as you think you about preparing a meal, the food walks in the door… yes, almost daily! We have reciprocated a bit by inviting Fanula and her family to lunch last Sunday (‘our’ Easter) – dining on bobotie, yellow rice with raisins, bean stew (boontjie bredie) and cinnamon pumpkin, all straight from a South African kitchen! They loved it! And we didn’t take any photographs…

This weekend we will join them for their Easter Sunday lunch – the Orthodox Easter is a week later than the Latin one this year. This weekend is also the Flower Festival and Jo experienced it first-hand at the Geriskipou church. She was reprimanded for folding her legs in church! Apparently, it is a No-No as the Priest explained – crossing the legs in church is like making a mockery of the Cross. Or something like that!


Well, she made friends as the Priest and his wife engaged in a long conversation when they heard she was from South Africa.

The days in Cyprus are lengthening and the temperatures rising – summer is coming! We are entering a strange ‘era’, my daughter and I. We have reached a stage where we do not have a single living thing depending on us for anything. Whatever we do and offer now is not out of duty or because we are responsible, but purely out of love and compassion. Isn’t that just wonderful? For the first time in our lives we could get in a car and drive off into the middle distance, go for walks in the forest or jump on a boat without looking or reporting back, or asking permission.  I still find it difficult to stretch a lunch or dinner out for five hours but I now remind myself that there is no reason not to… The Moment is everything!

It is quite weird… just Being. I bit like being a Hippy…


Of course, we do have things to do… I still do my Cyprus Open Studios organising and Jo will continue her online teaching business; filming will resume shortly!

For interest’s sake, please have a look at www.cyprusopenstudios.com and www.sewfabulous.co.za

Until next time, stay safe!


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