The Almost-Done-Year

Hmm… it was a year to remember!

In my previous post I told you about all the activities that I had ‘subjected’ myself to. And then I added travel to it…

As it happened, I had to attend a funeral in the UK and when making the bookings, I discovered that the Financial Freedom course I was doing had their 3-day conference/workshop just three days later. I took the plunge and booked my seat.

I’m sorry to report that the experience was not a pleasant one! It probably is due to my age, but the noise level was almost unbearable! The ‘lessons’ and presentations were interspersed with entertainment – everything at incredibly high din. I will spare you that!

As I had booked my airfares to and from Bristol and the conference was at Heathrow, it meant catching three buses to get me back to Bristol on time for take-off around noon… I didn’t want to pay another bit of lolly for yet another change of plan, so I added more stress instead! But, all was well that ended well.

However, the second morning after my return, I nearly landed on my face when getting out of bed! Vertigo had struck! I had this before and it passed in three days so I thought I would just ride it out. But, I was falling about (almost) like a drunken sailor!

e8f1bf0e5d288505e3b0b40c81f5920f52744ca0 But with no alcohol in me! Darn!!

Bullied by my daughter to see the doctor, it turned out that the bullying was justified…

Usually, vertigo is attributable to an inner ear infection but after inspection, the doctor found nothing wrong with my ears. She then told me that another cause of vertigo is extreme levels of stress… Oh, boy! At the same time, my blood pressure was slightly too high for her liking.

After a good talking to myself and reviewing the stress inducing activities of not only 2018, but also of the last several years, I realised that my plate had been heaped to overflowing! It was time to take matters into hand and recover fully.

I’m delighted to say that the vertigo cleared up in ten days and the blood pressure is well under control. I have also had three gorgeous massages since then and am taking the whole recovery thing seriously; gone back to my meditation, as well as doing The Artist’s Way once again. I’ve forgotten all about the lessons I learned when I did it in South Africa years ago! I’m glad to say it all seems to be working as I am learning to say NO to those things I do not wish to do or become involved in; always a difficult thing for me…

On a much lighter note, I can say that my heart dances with joy for my daughter and my grandson – and of course, everyone connected with them! Schalk-Willem has been offered a permanent position upon graduation, at the company where he is doing his internship. He’s working on his Thesis now and it’s looking good!

Brittany has secured her permanent position with Facebook in Amsterdam with effect from early January. Those two are well on their way to settling down to a bright future. However, the two of them contracted chickenpox… one after the other! Poor babies!!


Jo has restarted work on her online course and that is looking very promising too! There are endless possibilities and she is very innovative!

She also had a visitor from down under – her bestie for many years. We decided to teach her to drink Zivania on the day she arrived! Zivania is the local (originally) moonshine (witblitz we call it in South Africa) but is now produced commercially. It has a real kick…

We then went to the Netherlands to celebrate Schalk-Willem’s 25th birthday and I took the opportunity to visit a few arty places in Amsterdam. And, of course, bicycles everywhere!

But before we travelled, we decided that my 75th birthday had to be celebrated properly at the Zen Room in Limassol. That was a disastrous stay as the hotel was really not up to standard although 5-star…


However, here’s the big joke:  a couple of weeks ago, I had to give my date of birth to a podiatrist and upon working out my age, I discovered that I’m 74… NOT 75!

winning-gesture-emoticon-vector-21953736Yeeeeah!!!    I gained a year!   How crazy-good is that!?

I have also regained a sense of (real) purpose and started painting again. I have laid off for a while as other things were… far more important! Yeah, I know!  I have now learned my lessons and am taking things very much easier!

One big old problem I have always suffered from is/was(?) procrastination. Another big lesson from resent events is to do what needs to be done NOW… and relax. At my age, you would think I’d have learned that lesson many years ago… But, we are not all perfect! That back burner simply had no more space…

back burner

My new accommodation is utterly enjoyable, convenient and spacious! It’s almost unbelievable but this is my second winter here! Looking back on this last year, a lot has been achieved. 2019 will see a lot of activity but this time I know how to pace myself! I have learned to be kinder to myself…

I still get food ‘offerings’ from my neighbours which make me feel incredibly humble; they expect NOTHING in return! In fact, when you reciprocate, it is met with utter surprise.

As this is a sort of Christmas letter, I would like to take the opportunity to wish each and every one of my friends and family a Joyous Festive Season and a Happy, Healthy and Joyful 2019!


No, not my fireplace… just a cozy Christmas scene.

As Dave Allen always used to say: “May your God go with you!”

Blessings and Love from Cyprus!


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  1. Thank you Maria, you are on the right way, wish you a lovely Xmas and all the best for 2019 Brit

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