And so it goes…

In 2007 I self-published a book – a fairly controversial one – and it was quite successful. However, I never did any real promotion of it and it never really went anywhere much…

So, about a month ago, I got an email from Amazon to say that there will be a royalty payment going into my account. Wow! I’ve sold books?! Short was my excitement as the amount paid in was a royal €1,74. Well, that slapped me around a bit and I decided that it was time to do the Kindle version properly; it was a mess when the original publishers converted it for e-readers. Kindle was a mess…

First things first, I re-formatted the whole thing according to Kindle instructions and put it out there. But, while re-formatting, I realised that there were a few things that needed fixing and updating. This I did and decided to republish through Amazon. The beauty of this is that they only charge me for author copies and the rest is FREE!

Without further ado, I would like to introduce (reintroduce!):

“Hannah – Woman in Red”

Front Cover

“Hannah – Woman in Red”

… is the story of the woman we have come to know as Mary Magdalene. Her real name was Johanna, shortened to Hannah.

It is a story of intrigue, deceit, violence, brutality, mystery and magic with romance adding spice.

In ancient times “Mary” was a title rather than a name, earned through rigorous study and total dedication. Upon graduation, the colour Red was the mark of the High Priestess, or “Mary”.

Through an act of utter defiance, Hannah plots against the regime which crucified the man she loves – and saves his life. With the help of Joseph of Arimathæa they deceive a whole host of people and flee to ultimate safety – or so they think.

In the end, through the use of magic and miracle, further steps are taken to safeguard their existence as Simon Peter discovers the deceit and swears revenge against the ‘beloved disciple’ – Hannah.

Some ten years after the crucifixion, Pontius Pilate discovers his mistake and weeps as he witnesses the first ever stigmata.

All this comes to light when, in 1890, Rennes-le-Chateau yields the treasure of Hannah’s writings, almost perfectly preserved, into the hands of the Abbé Bérenger Saunière who has to deal with the conundrum. This impossible task leads to deeper deception.


Please note that this is fiction and as the author, I have taken liberty with twists and turns of historical record.

It also comes with a warning:

If you are a devout Christian, you may find the content disturbing.

Should you be interested in obtaining the new and improved version, here are the links for clicking:

Kindle version:  Kindle version

Paperback version: Paperback version

  • Paperback  ISBN-13: 978-1686780660

When you order, please ensure that you order this edition as the old one will still be available for a few more weeks…


Here is a review of the novel but a good friend who shall be known as “Bookworm” :

This fascinating novel was inspired by the author’s visit to the French country town of Rennes-le-Chateau, where its tiny church guards an astonishing secret.

M.M. Etheridge examines the legend of Mary Magdalene who is claimed by many (including Dan Brown), to have escaped with Jesus after he survived his crucifixion, to begin a new life in France. The author begins an intriguing journey back in time to Ancient Egypt, following the discovery of a cache of scrolls in the church at Rennes-le-Chateau. These scrolls were written by a woman called Hannah – a woman who wore red – after whom the book is named.

Many books have described Mary Magdalene, but Etheridge gives a whole new insight into the life of this remarkable woman, by expounding the theory that ‘Mary’ was a title, rather than a name, since the Bible mentions many Marys in its pages.

However, Hannah – Woman in Red, does not dwell on the holiness of the characters, but rather gives an account of what life may have been like 2000 years ago.

We meet Hannah – the ‘Mary’ from the village of Magdala – when she is eleven years old and living in the Goshen District of Egypt. We follow her through years of training to become a healing priestess. Then, back in Galilee, we experience the harsh reality of the Roman occupation. We share her agonising experiences when she falls in love with Jeshua-bar-Joseph (the man we know now as Jesus of Nazareth), who becomes embroiled in the virulent politics of the day.

We flee with them to the safety of France where we learn more about the Druids and their exotic way of life.

Throughout this romantic novel there is mysticism, fantasy and magic, as the author uses 21st century knowledge to examine the miracles of biblical times that still intrigue people today.

Any reader with an enquiring mind will be fascinated by this alternative, yet thoroughly plausible, story of Jesus and Mary. You will enjoy your magical journey through the Roman Empire.



And there is another little book in the pipeline; a collection of short stories, illustrated by moi…

And in the words of the late Dave Allen:  May your God go with you!

44690_1481367607946_1205031_n Maria.

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