Lock-down… Week 3 ends

We are, essentially, creatures of habit. The theory is that if you repeat an action for 21 days, that action becomes a habit.

Some people take longer to either break a habit or learn a new one. And here we are, another two weeks before those who didn’t learn, might do so… only time will tell. If only the habit of staying home, washing hands and wearing protective clothing was adopted by everyone at the same time, we may have been over the hump. Unfortunately, some countries lagged behind and the habit-creating 21 days varied with the starting points.

It shows me one thing: when coordination is not coordinated, the whole darn thing falls down. WW.I and WW.II were both declared to start on a specific date. And when they ended, they ended on a specific date. This situation in which we find ourselves now is almost fluid where governments and authorities choose their own streams to swim in and eventually each stream flows into one enormous ocean of uncertainty.

I am still ‘stuck’ in South Africa, not knowing when I will eventually be able to go home. Thank God in this family/household we are all grown up and there is no strife, either present or past. We live and let live. We are blessed with “extra-time” – not a penalty shoot-out!

But, enough of that. I have noticed that the frenzy of videos have abated somewhat. In the beginning of this pandemic, almost every person who had access to the internet was on it and talking to their friends and families. It has gone a little quiet… for which I am grateful.

However, silence is not everyone’s choice. For me, it is represented by my meditation session each morning when all sound is excluded when I close my eyes and breathe.  Sound and noise are things we can simply tune out as we are not able to stop them; just let them be.

I think I should stop rambling on – there is no news as such. I’m just reaching out and brushing your shoulder as I pass; at least we can touch in the other realm(s). Let me touch your shoulder in the morning…

The place where I find myself (Thabazimbi) you will see on the far West of this map. Yes, it’s about a 3-hour drive from Johannesburg… It is a very beautiful area if, one day, you feel like visiting, back-packing or in total luxury – your choice:



And for your enjoyment, here are a few images, courtesy of the internet:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Until next time, stay safe and stay healthy!



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