It’s still Groundhog Day!


But, day before yesterday I started doing something else: The 83 steps of the driveway is serving as my walking meditation and with each round, I move a little stone to the next brick on the wall, keeping track of the number of revolutions. 824 yesterday – tomorrow we’ll see if I can start increasing the 83 exponentially…

I have never been a great fan of Nelson Mandela but if I had to spend 27 years like he did – and others – I would go stark, raving mad! He came out and walked to freedom a better person than anyone could imagine. Still not a fan but I do respect that achievement. If he had another 8 years in office, this country may have been a bit different than what it is now.


I have been “imprisoned” since 19 March and I’m feeling the effects. I am in the home of my beloved brother and his wife and they cannot be more giving and supporting. This makes me feel a bit guilty as I have lost my “guest status” long ago! However, we are forgiving where family are concerned… thank God!

The 1st of May arrived and rules and regulations are lifted a little. Now we may walk outside our yards between 06:00 and 09:00. I am a late riser and not a morning-person…so, this is what happens…


The only subject matter these days is another big C… except this one has 19 tagged onto it… Personally, I am heartily sick of hearing, reading or talking about it. The entire world has been disrupted and the jury is still out on whether it is good or bad.

The ‘good’ about it is that the air is cleaner and less debris is manufactured. In the words of Don McLean: ‘Perhaps they’ll listen now…’  Or, on the other hand,  ‘perhaps they never will…’

The ‘bad’ is that it already has started again. I’m talking about factories opening and belching toxic fumes into the atmosphere… plus ça change plus c’est la même chose… to quote Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr.

I am no Greta Thunberg and I do admire the young lady. And once again, she proved that people just do not listen. Mother Nature has spoken so clearly and so loudly and still humanity is chewing away her skin and behaving like the worst parasites in creation. There will come a time when she will simply shrug and cast us all into oblivion so that she can continue to exist. And she will.

Have a look at these images: http://blog.asiantown.net/-/4124/the-best-photos-of-angry-mother-natural  –  apologies for the advertisements; out of my control.

Today is Beltane in the Celtic calendar – the first day of Summer. Well, if you are in the Northern hemisphere, of course. And if you celebrate that sort of thing – which I do. The May Queen and her entourage.


May the next week bring us better news. May this ‘plague’ be banished and may humanity take notice of the warnings. May your year ahead be filled with joy and your sorrows be small ones.


2 thoughts on “LOCK-DOWN… WEEK 6 ENDS”

  1. Dear Maria,

    Thank you for your “muse” as always.

    Would you be interested in listening to a top Virologist being interviewed by a reputable Lady? She is blowing the whistle on the “Powers that be”! This is not the first time I have heard Scientists and eminent Doctors speak along the same lines.

    Happy Beltane and keep up the Good Vibrations.

    Love and magic, Denise xx

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Hi Denise! Sorry, been a bit up and down these last few days. Yes, please send me the link for the Virologist’s interview. Working on the next post…

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