Yes, really… 7 weeks! Today (9th) marks two months since I arrived in South Africa as a first stop before flying on to Mauritius for a 10-day beach holiday… Well, you all know what happened!

padlock-vector-illustration-cartoon-46705097 The talks about opening airports for normal commercial business are vague and July seems to be the earliest that it may happen in Cyprus – we’ll have to wait and see. We’ll be halfway through summer by the time I can enjoy a beach again!

Petra-tou-Romiou-Paphos However, things have – sort of – settled down in my psyche. We have restarted our Greek lessons online for the time being, and it was almost like taking a step on the road home…

My daughter has settled down in her new rental accommodation on the road to Theletra – sounds like the title of a book! Today, she is also receiving her first lesson on fournos cooking! It will be a fusion of African and Cypriot cookwear…

We have slightly more freedom of movement but unfortunately it is being abused by many… Still, it gave me the opportunity to get a few more bits of art material yesterday so this weekend it will be playtime again. My sis-in-law wants to join in! And tomorrow, because it will be Mothers’ Day in SA, we are ordering in! It’s place called “Koolstoof” – coal stove – no kitchening tomorrow!


And, I’ve also been reading and listening to a lot of scientific articles about the COVID-19 virus. I have learned things that make my hair stand on end… but this is not the place for it. I can, however, recommend Dr. Merkola’s interview with the controversial Dr. Judy Mikovits. It’s lengthy and fairly complicated, but if you are interested, it is well worth a listen and a read (the short interviews’ transcripts are also there) – the full interview is at the end of the article. I have always believed in the facts and not the speculation, the latter causing a lot of useless panic and worry. View it here

And just as a final treat, this is what the moon looked like last evening, rising over Johannesburg. (I have no idea who took the photograph…) Stunning though, isn’t it?


Till next time,




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