This week has seen a couple of exciting happenings.

Week 6 saw the restarting of my Greek language lessons online and this has kept me busy all through this week. It’s quite an experience and I’m enjoying it tremendously. But it is intense! And yes, it is exciting – as it makes me feel as if I’m taking tiny steps on my way home.

4021567_orig Yes, they all spoke Greek!

And then there was the second bit of excitement… I’ll be flying to Doha on 28 May and then repatriated to Cyprus on the 30th. It looks as if things are slowly beginning to get back to some sort of normalcy…

And thanks to the Wright Brothers, we can FLY!

I have been astounded by the absurdity of some rules and regulations published here in South Africa. Wearing a mask has been written into the Law! And believe it or not, you are even told what you may or may not wear and buy as far as clothing is concerned! For the duration of the lock-down, you may not wear open-toed shoes. Yes, really!!

Well, it is Winter here…

When we are caught up in a daily routine, things become habit and you stop thinking outside the box. This enforced time of introspection has brought home a few truths to me. Over the years of living alone, I have become blunt – like a blade that has not been sharpened in years. I have often taken the low road – the easy one – without any hills to climb and have thus become slothful and idle. Yes, I can hear the cries of denial from a number of you! Believe me, what you see is not always the truth…

However, these weeks of isolation have been incredibly nurturing in so many ways. Inspirational and awakening the creative spirit again. I wonder how many other people have also experienced a reawakening of the spirit. I hope many!


On top of everything else, I’ve had the opportunity to spend quality time with my brother and his wife. They have an almost too tranquil home and garden… I almost reverted to slothfulness! But, it has been great to have such precious time together. Their garden is full of spekboom plants; for those who don’t know: they produce an enormous amount of oxygen and consume a lot of carbon dioxide… and they taste great too!


Well, my Greek homework is waiting… Until next week, stay safe. Three things will keep you healthy: Vitamin C, Vitamin D and fresh air… plus, keep on dancing!



2 thoughts on “LOCK-DOWN – WEEK 8 ENDS”

  1. Hello Maria,

    Lovely to hear your positive news all round! So happy that the creativity is flowing…..great lessons and understanding have come from “these times” for us all, or not depending on our choices. I will send you on FB a message from White Eagle, Hope Indigenous……

    Love and Blessings, Denise xx

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Looking forward to it all – thank you, Denise! One of these days we’ll be eating fish again in Latchi!

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