The Wind-up

Today, Saturday 13 June 2020, I am finally free. I have completed my period of self-isolation. I have not been out in my car nor stepped out on foot – in brief, I have been a good and obedient girl.

angelic woman

The strange thing is that I really needed these 14 days to get my head sorted out. It felt extremely strange to be back in my own space, once again doing exactly as I please, when I please! Do not misunderstand: I had a great lock-down with my brother and his wife but there is nothing that beats getting between your own sheets in your own bed. And how very fortunate I am to be able to do that as a healthy senior.

And that’s another thing I came to terms with: I am a senior. My head still doesn’t quite want to accept it but my heart overrules my head on that one. These weeks away gave me time to make friends with myself, to become more aware of my mortality and to realise that each moment is precious. Of course I knew that before, but now I really know it – hand on heart!

In my absence, there was a slow water leak from the pipes on the roof and although it was previously detected, it wasn’t fixed properly. This time, it really leaked! The most damage was done in the kitchen, utility room and part of the passage. The repairman came and cut out all he damaged plaster after pinpointing the problem. Can you imagine the mess? There was white dust on top of old dust and wet cupboards; most of my herbs and spices and other stores were destroyed…

If there was one thing that I have learned during my enforced introspections, it was to learn to accept what is. The second lesson was patience.

mala bead counting

When one is unable to do anything to change a situation, take stock and accept it. Make peace with the obstacle instead of making it your enemy. That way you get close to it and are more able to fix whatever is broken.

My lounge and dining areas are now spotless and shining. I gave myself two days for the kitchen starting yesterday… Well, that’s a dream! It took me almost a day to sort through the contents of one store cupboard and devise an ingenious new way of storing herbs and spices. Old drawers in storage came in really handy, and there are more old drawers to utilise for the next cupboard! So, moving on and it will take as long as it takes.

So far, I have a few really well organised cupboards, squeaky-clean and dry. I am proud of my persistence…

As far as The Virus and world peace are concerned, I am very, very afraid for the future of this planet. I also find it amazing that when people tell the world what to expect, most of it is ignored. I was rather shocked by how little this particular interview resonated in the world – it really is worth listening to:

If only it was on every media platform in the world before the Presidential election in 2016, we may have had a different scene today…

We have also been told by Dr. Fauci – more than TWO years ago – to expect a serious pandemic. And no one listened… What, I wonder, did he know that others did not? Why did he fire and persecute Dr. Judy Mikovits when all she wanted to do was tell the truth? I had lots of time to research and investigate but I won’t bore the pants off you with statistics, interpretations and conspiracy theories – they are all out there if you want to take the time to have a look. Some really mad ones too.

What really, really irritates me are the half-truths, the twisted truths, the out-of-context quotes to suit the moment, and the truly awful behaviour of what we regard as normal people. The media, in my opinion, are often the biggest culprits.

Anyway, here we are on this really mad, mad, mad world and we have to make the best of a sad situation.

mad mad mad world

Who knows what will happen if a second wave hits and the American Presidential election has to be postponed…?!

If there are two words that make me want to be puke, they are TRUMP and COVID. Unfortunately they are both real.

Meanwhile, there is the rest of my kitchen to clean and organise, as well as the rest of my home; 3 months’ worth of old dust plus pretty plaster dust on top of it… And that’s just to start with. There are all those other plans and projects to put in motion, finish and complete. So much to do, so little time – I believe the saying originally came from Cecil John Rhodes on his death bed.

Life is good. Life is wonderful. I can breathe…




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