A New Day has Begun…


It’s a work in progress, called “The Firefly Club” but my title for this post actually made me think of “Cats” – the musical, thus… cats!


Now that the dust has settled, literally, it is time for a “new day” to begin. The world have buried or cremated many loved ones and there is still a lot of pain to be worked through for many people.

I wish I could say to everyone that the one thing to remember is this: The Past is the past and nothing in this Universe can change what was; it is written in the wind. What is, right now, is what IS – only YOU have complete control over this moment in your life. I beg you to use it well. The future is the next moment; decide in this moment how you will use the next one. It could well be your last, as the future is also one thing: Uncertain.

It is up to each individual how their new day will begin.


The new water pipes have been laid and everything is now as it should be. I have two more rooms to clean thoroughly and then it will be time for stepping out into the world again. How exciting!

I have also rearranged my studio space and it is ready for that new day!

I have also sorted out works that really, really, really should never have been on display and hidden them away, perhaps to rework another day. My display is now much smaller and for viewing by appointment only.

I’m also re-experiencing the wonder of living in this community. It’s really amazing how many welcomes I’ve had from all around me and, of course, the food again walks through my front door! However, I shall now begin to repay this kindness as I have ‘unveiled’ all my wonderful kitchen appliances from where they were hiding deep in kitchen cupboards… The other thing that will infuse my enthusiasm for making good food is MasterChef Australia; golly gee, it is good to watch! Unfortunately, the Australian channel broadcasting this programme is very stingy. They will not make it available to the rest of the world except months later on BBC, etc. However, if you have a system that can pick it up from Oz, go for it – it’s wonderful. This year’s competition is heading towards its climax.

On top of that I have SO many recipe books to revisit since I decided to become a vegetarian about 4 or 5 years ago… Now I need to separate the meat from the rest!


So, if you hear me complain about weight gain, well – just ignore it! It’s also summer time in Cyprus and there is absolutely no excuse for not shaking it off easily.

Dancing, they say. Dancing is the thing to keep you fit and well. Yes, that too… And I love standing up while painting. Let’s see how this new day will be dawning.

Till next time images


2 thoughts on “A New Day has Begun…”

    1. Hi Jacqui, Yes, full of it! Up to all kinds of good things!!
      Will write to you very soon – just a few final tweaks here at home… hanging a hammock this afternoon…!!!

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