10 Days in the Troodos

Having just finished my 76th year on this planet, I decided to give myself a birthday present: Ten Days in the Troodos. I was replacing a ‘retreat’ that I missed out on earlier in the year when my flight to Mauritius was cancelled due to the dreaded virus.

For those of you who do not know the island of Cyprus, the Troodos Mountains are the high point of the island, with Mount Olympos sitting at a height of 1952 metres above sea level. It’s gorgeously cool after the sweltering summer at sea level. I have a Room with a View to die for!

After a few days of real rest, I ventured out on Monday to what I thought was Kato Platres but it turned out to be Pano Platres – it just means upper and lower. I rectified that on Tuesday and I must say, I was disappointed; nothing like I remembered from previous visits when it was lively and full of colour. The only colour worth mentioning are the autumn ones – and they are gorgeous!  I think the effect of the virus has struck in many more places than we realised… Short may it live!!

It may be hard to believe, but this holiday is my first ever entirely on my own! Yes, after all those years! A friend of mine remarked that I was ‘brave’ to do this on my own… I’m loving every second! Nothing brave about it. The last thing I want to do at this point in my life is to become scared of the world; we are being bombarded with fear every minute of every day as it is. 

Tuesday I went back to explore Platres – upper and lower – a bit more and found nothing that excited me… What a sad thing to say!

Wednesday I stayed in and did a bit of sketching while waiting for my pizza to arrive. There is a plague of flies out front so I quickly ate and snuck back to my gorgeous room. Here is what happened on the paper:

On Thursday I thought I should get my lazy self out and about again and went to Kakopetria. Legend has it that the village is named after a falling rock that killed a couple on their first walk through the village as newly-weds, thus the name meaning ‘bad rock’ or ‘couple’s rock’. It sits at 667 metres above sea level, almost halfway down the mountain from my hotel…  It is picturesque though! 

Not to be missed is Linos Museum – here is a link in Greek, but scroll down to the images which are really good showing new mingling with old:


Friday was again spent quietly and resulted in more arty things… The silence here is incredible! Weekends are a different matter though as the hotel fills up with mainly locals. 

I decided to stick to my desire for seclusion until Sunday when I decided to visit Omodos. I could hardly move and encountered rudeness as well as real kindness. Once I bought what I went for, I trundled back to my hotel. Because of the masses of people (I’m a bit of an enochlophobic!) I did not stay long. For your sake, here is a link that shows you what you would see when you should  actually find parking: http://cyprusfortravellers.net/en/review/omodos-village-troodos-mountains-photos  …  and at my age it’s a wee bit impossible to cover it all; one has to be a bit of mountain goat! A blessing when someone else has done it for you!

I could go on and on about the fantastic ten days I spent in the Troodos Hotel and surrounds, but you will get so bored as it was mostly internal work; deep meditations, some tree-hugging, walking, and great insight into so many things. I am finally rid of loads or baggage that had heaped up, unnoticed, over most of my lifetime. Suffice it to say, I am now a much Lighter person… yes, Light has taken on a new meaning for me. And that was what I was looking for!

Until next time, stay safe and keep your loved ones out of harm’s way.

Namaste Program | Bristol Hospice Utah

2 thoughts on “10 Days in the Troodos”

  1. Good morning. Read your blog. Happy 77! Got your letter as well, will try and do it justice. By the way Blind Justice is very good, but why is she blind? Write soon. FAF xxx

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