2020 and all that jazz…

What a year we’ve had. It left me with my head spinning.

At the beginning of the year I fully expected a brilliant year; one that would give us 20/20 vision, at least. Well, I guess in a way, that’s what we got – just not in the way I expected! If there is one lesson in life I have learned it’s that whatever I really look forward to hardly ever materialises. Sad, isn’t it? It’s almost like Mother Nature sets out to teach me a lesson, again and again and again… What the hell is the lesson?

Anyway, after several ups and downs this year, I can be grateful for the fact that I still have my health. I’m also one of those fortunate one who doesn’t have to earn a living; been there and done that.

My heart goes out to those who have lost their jobs, lost their businesses, and even lost love. There is nothing anyone can say that will make it better instantly; it will take hard work to get back those things that we have held near and dear to our hearts. But, forever the optimist, I believe it will get better.

The pandemic has hit me in other ways though. I seem to have dried up on artistic inspiration. I get all excited about a new ‘direction’ only to fall flat on my face. Many new ‘directions’ later, I am now starting from scratch with re-learning my drawing skills. It has been neglected. I’ve set a personal challenge to do one drawing/painting per day on a small scale over the next several weeks; we are locked down again until 10 January 2021. Sigh…

A lesson that I have learned through making mistakes is that old watercolour paper becomes blotting paper… I thought I was clever using paper that has been sitting in a drawer… forever…! If you have a stash of paper, use it – and use it sooner rather than later. My first ‘challenge’ drawing was dreadful because of that. Well, perhaps!

These lock-downs are ridiculous. Oh, I believe in lock-down if it’s done good and proper. When I got stranded in South Africa in March this year, there was a system in place in Cyprus which I thought was brilliant. You were allowed to leave your home with permission which you obtained either by direct message or by completing a written request. All borders were closed and by the end of July, there wasn’t a COVID infection in sight. We had zero cases. Yes, it was a pain but it worked.

Cyprus depends heavily on the tourist and entertainment industries. Pressure was brought to bear and borders were opened. What happened? You’ve guessed it. It’s bad, bad, bad – much worse than before. And then there are those who want to organise protest marches against the lock-down in place now. Really? Sounds like Trumpism to me. Let’s have another rally: a super-spreader.

And then there are the conspiracy theorists… It seems to me that common sense has completely evaporated. When this pandemic first raised its nasty head, I was wondering if someone(s) somewhere(s) were launching an experiment in order to train people in case of global warfare involving nuclear weapons or worse. Well, if that were the case, we would all be dead by now because of The Disobedient Ones. You know, the ones who say that if there is a rule, let’s break it. Let’s object. Let’s protest. Let’s break down the system!

I made it my business to research, read whatever I could find on the virus in order to educate myself and I listened to the ‘other side’. Sometimes I fumed, sometimes I felt like crying, sometimes I wanted to find someone to smack around the head.

I also made it my business to follow the Presidential election in America. Absolutely fascinating. The behaviour of a certain person whose name I won’t mention here was – and still is – breath-takingly unbelievable. Politics have fascinated me since I met my late husband in 1976; he was a Tory Candidate when I met him – Maggie Thatcher days.

I don’t want to repeat things I have talked about in earlier blog posts; it’s all there if anyone wishes to read any of it. I will be splitting this blog off for my art input; I will create a new blog dealing with art only – more on that later.

I would like to wish each and every person who reads this the most Healing year ahead. If any of you have lost someone close to you this year, you have my heartfelt condolences; believe me, I know how that feels.

My wish for you is that you find Peace and Forgiveness for yourself and for others. Let’s work hard and make 2021 a bright and hopeful year.


2 thoughts on “2020 and all that jazz…”

  1. Maria, thank you for your good thoughts and wishes. Now we must look forward to 2021 with as much positivity as we can muster ……..get rid of the virus and reconnect with the world and our friends and families. Be safe. Love Jacqui

  2. Dear Maria,

    Thank you for this, I wish that 2021 be Healthy, Joyful, Ilumminating, Awakening and Transformational for us all.

    Namaste and Om shanti shanti shanti


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