… as Sherlock told Watson.

You will notice that a bit of refurbishing has taken place since your last visit and still further developments will follow. I started this blog way back when Donald and I were considering relocating to the UK and then things went awry and I’m still here in my beloved Cyprus … Since the dust had settled, I have been contemplating my art and writing career – yes, career as I have been receiving royalty cheques, you know! Not that I would ever be able to get rich on that, but it is rewarding to say the least.

And that brings me to my art business. I accepted WordPress’ invitation to create a website and … got this blog … which I already had! However, in the process I changed the name and it is now a dot com – and that’s where the further development will take place: customising the homepage but I am still learning!

I have also started getting my studio up and running as it would befit a proper artist and soon I shall be showing you what happens in there. During the clearing and tidying phase, I came across quite a few half-finished pieces which, upon further consideration, could become something if developed further. That is what I am doing right now and so far, three pieces have been completed. I don’t use the word ‘finished’ as my instructor in Italy said that no piece of art is ever really finished but it reaches a stage when you may feel that it is complete. In fact, he said, a piece should be judged as ‘complete’ at various stages of its creation! But that’s another story. Here are two of them:

Fun on the beach  I’m gonna get you What's in the bucket  What’s in the bucket?


They were originally done in watercolour with which I was not at all happy and now they have been brought to life by adding pastels and thus have become ‘mixed media’! They are only small pieces but fun pieces.

So, in order not to break continuity I shall retain what has gone before and take it from there. I shall, however, use this website/blog now in a more creative way and will probably start another blog specifically for communication with friends and family. I just wanted to update you on where we stand right now.

I feel enthusiastic about the stage I have reached and look forward to getting stuck in and create loads of art in preparation for an Open Studio weekend or three during the summer/autumn months. Yes, I am using the phrase Open Studio even though the name has been officially registered as an NGO which only served to hamstring us as far as opening our studios to the public is concerned. However, I have decided that it will be used as it describes exactly what I do when I invite the public into my sanctum sanctorum.

Watch this space … lots and lots will happen soon as the game is truly afoot!



Note: To see larger images, just click on the picture.

Following on from the last posting, I made the decision to continue with the home decoration process and the whole inside was done as well. Once that was completed, I realised just how badly it had been needed!

Also, some years ago we had a water leak from the roof which took a bit of doing to fix but eventually they did. However, when they started painting the ceiling of the stairwell, great chunks of plaster fell off … oh, dear, I thought – loads of lolly to be spent here … But, I was wrong! The contractor included the repair job in the original price and didn’t blink. That man and his team really need medals! It’s great to find honest people.

023  Stairwell ceiling

039All that stuff standing around everywhere … and needing putting back again …

Once that was all done – what a job! – it was time to spend the last bit of money that I had set aside on very necessary protection for the newly decorated wooden shutters. I was lucky again to find the right people and the awnings look awesome!

Awnings up
Now I’m ready to sit out the summer and stay cool. It’s amazing the difference these awnings actually make to the house as I can now leave everything wide open and let the breezes flow through. So much more comfortable in 30ᵒC+ temperatures.

Unfortunately, not everything is rosy in my life at present.

You may recall that one of my gorgeous dogs, Katie, contracted Leischmaniosis a year ago. Well, thanks to an expert vet, it was brought under control and Katie’s life returned to normal. Or so I thought …

As I was preparing to take my summer break in the UK, the Sunday before departure I noticed a sore place on the back of Katie’s neck that had bled. I discovered it was a lump of sorts and took her to the vet on the Monday. It turned out that there were three lumps that needed removal and they were found to be malignant. The operation(s) took place the next day and it appeared to have been successful as it was surface lumps in the skin only. If you are squeamish, don’t look at the next ones!

Behind the left ear on the neck On the back
Once again, thanks to my dear friend, the brilliant homeopath, Katie’s recovery was quick and good. I felt confident enough to leave Katie in her care as she was house- and dog-sitting for me while I was away. She is also crazy about Jessie! Katie’s staples were to be removed some 10 days later and everything seemed to be nicely under control.

I had ten days of blissful communing with family members in London and on the Isle of Wight. Next stop was with my step-daughter, Nikki, and her husband, Stuart, in Holt in Wiltshire. They collected me from the ferry port and we went to lunch at Stuart’s mom’s place which was nearby. It was really good to see her again.

Unfortunately, I got a phone call from the vet to tell me that the results had come back from the laboratory and that Katie had been diagnosed with Lymphoma. Suffice it to say that the prognosis was a lifespan of perhaps two months before I will have to send her to Valhalla where I hope she will join Donald and hunt to their hearts’ content! Not that either of them ever were hunters but what else would they do there other than hunting and feasting?

I had to then make a decision whether to complete my summer holidays as planned or return home to be with my beloved animals. I returned and I’m really glad that I did – there are things I can do to make life easier for them both as Jessie will suffer when Katie goes away. They are really fond of each other.

22.8.13 090
But, I don’t give up that easily. I consulted with the same vet as well as another one I’ve been using since we got to Cyprus. They both felt the decision was mine and that whatever cocktail of drugs they could prescribe would not cure the problem.
However, some time ago I read an article about cannabis oil that was used on a very young leukaemia patient with amazing results. This morning, I sent off the order and I can only hope the product will arrive soon so as to make a difference. Who knows? Is this the miracle cure for cancer that we have been waiting for?

Of course, the pharmaceutical companies and health authorities do not wish this to be so and cannabis has a ‘bad name’ because of its misuse. But this is the oil from the plant which is completely safe, non-invasive, non-addictive and … not expensive. It will drive the drug companies nuts to lose out on all that boodle should this turn out to be The Cure.

I’m not going to hold my breath but there is nothing more important in life than HOPE – a neck-to-neck race with LOVE.

So, for the foreseeable future, I shall be spending time at home, catching up on all sorts of things like sorting out drawers, cupboards and the filing cabinet … a long-overdue job!

Other pleasant past-times will be writing, painting, gardening in the early morning and late evenings, watching television and listening to the radio. And, of course, reading!! The pool is another great attraction and I am so very grateful for having friends around.

The art website is also now LIVE and running so lots to do to promote that and build up for the next exhibition that will take place in mid-November. Have a look at the new site: – it still needs work and it is a on-going project.

Till next time, May your God be with you. ~Dave Allen~


16.6.2014  Gorgeous Katie!

  Room service     Jessie ordered room service