Lock-down … Week 1

I’m talking about my first week of lock-down. You may have been locked down for longer or shorter as it all depends on where we find ourselves on this spinning globe.

When I first started this blog, it was more or less at the time when my late husband and I were leaving South Africa for Cyprus and I wanted to keep in touch with friends and family. This, ‘artistonthemove’ handle was adopted – and I’m still ‘moving’! Actually, right now, movement is not an option!

However, it really is no big punishment as I am with the best people I could be with: family! We are trying to nurture each other as best we can; some days are not as good as others but we are here for each other.

I’m also fortunate to have a little corner of my own where I can spend as much or as little time as I wish. Great, isn’t it? Almost just like home!

A place to work and a place to sleep – what more do I need?

Looking at all the things that people post on social media regarding the enforced home-stays is both encouraging and also worrying. It occurred to me this morning that out – or rather IN there – are people who have enormous difficulties with being on their own. Not everyone wishes to be ‘on retreat’ or have the life of a hermit. There are also those who have substance abuse problems who now need to withdraw; we all have some idea how difficult that can be!

The changes that will take place because of this enforced isolation will be HUGE. No, I’m not going to speculate as the possibilities are endless… All we can do is to support those close to us as best we can.

I’ve had another thought: if it was possible – and it seems it was and is – to home the homeless in order to isolate them, why can it not be possible to do it on an on-going basis? What is different? I hope there will be those who will enlighten me.

In the meantime, we have celebrated a wedding anniversary right here – 32 years together for my brother and his lovely wife, Rita.

32 years together  An ‘after-dinner’ photo… it explains the empty glass…

They also have a gorgeous garden where one can sit quietly in meditation – bliss!

 A quiet path, the Lapa, a fish ‘potjie’ to celebrate the anniversary, and a piece of peace.

Rita, an ex-school teacher, teaches drama to a number of young ones after normal school hours. She had to devise a method whereby she could continue doing just that, but using technology to its fullest. It was not difficult as she used to teach computer technology as a subject at school.

Her first week at home was indeed very rewarding and the actors-in-the-making are benefitting from her dedication. Who knows if it will produce Oscar winners in the future? That field of all possibilities is wide, wide open to anyone who wishes to explore. Just close your eyes… and be quiet.

I’ve been sitting in the garden, sketching and reading a LOT! I’ve rediscovered The Dresden Files and have been devouring book after book. Not everyone’s cup of brew but I know of one other person who will be smiling when he reads this. I didn’t know there were now 15 books in this series – what joy!

In between I had to deal with insurance, finances and the usual stuff one always has to deal with.

I shall do another update at the end of Week 2 – I wish everyone a pleasant break from the normal humdrum. Let’s use it wisely.



2 thoughts on “Lock-down … Week 1”

  1. Hello Maria,
    Glad to read you are doing well. Zsolt and I are fine and dealing with our confined situation. Our son is with us and is working from home and does the grocery shopping. We go for walks, work in the garden, clean our files, do puzzles, read and talk with family and friends. All in all not that bad.
    Take care – many hugs,
    Sylvia and Zsolt


    1. How lovely to hear from you, Sylvia! At present I’m spending too much time in front of my screen… but I do get up and walk about a bit. We MUST believe that this situation will soon be over! We are doing everything in our power to stay positive. Lots to catch up – now is the time!!

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