Lock-down … Week 2 ends

Yesterday marked one month of my arrival in South Africa and today is the last day of the second week of local lock-down.

There isn’t much more one can say about this global fiasco… we are where we are and only time will get us through it. I live by a motto that states ‘everything is exactly as it should be’ and I still think that is correct. This planet certainly needed a breathing space.

There is one thing we humans should remember: This planet can happily do without us. It has survived much worse than the Corona Virus… She will flick it off – and us with it – if she feels the need. I have, for a long time, been thinking that she has become angrier and angrier with the human race as we multiplied out of control and with it, multiplied the garbage we produce, suffocating her oceans and rivers and soil.

These weeks here in my country of birth have afforded me the opportunity to update all sorts of things which turned out to be very necessary. My next giant task is to work my way through digital photographs… gosh, there are so many! But it will be a joy to put them all in their respective slots and then it’s a case of remembering to do the same in the future!

I have also been reading Harry Dresden (not Potter!) who is an older wizard than the young Potter version… Dresden fights the good fight against demons, vampires and all kinds of un-dead things… Yes, not everyone’s cup of tea.

Also been sitting in the garden trying to get some inspiration for art and could only come up with two little things.

 The Bird Feeder  and a study of a shell

I will continue to make marks on paper but somehow it feels as if I’m scraping the barrel… However, I have just joined a group on Facebook where one does a weekly challenge; perhaps that will get me going again.

The South African President announced last evening that the lock-down will continue for another two weeks until the end of April. Let’s hope that it will be respected.

On the other side of the coin, my limited wardrobe and space is good preparation for eventual Tiny House living… At present I have access to the rest of a large house with a garden, but the plan is to move into a Tiny House (Google “Living Big in a Tiny House”) he’s my favourite. In my case, it will happen when I need to be closer to my ‘carer’… hopefully, many years into the future! But just for fun, have a look – start with this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTa9cqioRDY  (sorry about the ads). There are many more to make your mouth water…

Meanwhile, stay home and when you have to go out, take the necessary precautions to stay safe.



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