One of the most frustrating weeks of the lock-down period.


Last week I became very excited as the Cyprus Consulate recommended a repatriation flight with Qatar Airways to Doha, from where Cyprus would collect us, deliver us to Cyprus and place us in quarantine for 14 days.

Well, to put it bluntly, it didn’t happen! On Monday the Cyprus Foreign Ministry was supposed to have confirmed the repatriation flight from Doha to Larnaca, but they cancelled it instead, giving no reason. It is impossible to share the frustration that was caused – simply impossible. So, here I am, still uselessly waiting in South Africa, one day to go home.

Having said that the flight between Doha and Larnaca was cancelled… without any reason, I discovered there was a reason. Don’t you just hate busy bodies? People who cannot help themselves and are just compelled to put their noses into other people’s business? Yes, we have one of those in our group of stranded passengers and this person has caused a complete upheaval in arrangements being made by the Cyprus Ambassador and his staff. I can spit fireballs… as this person has caused untold damage. And no, I did not let that one pass.

5b8ffda4196573108b203a39 fireball-clipart-super-mario-19
On Thursday, Cyprus entered Phase 2 of the lock-down which, in essence,

no longer is a   IMG-20200523-WA0000 lock-down.

Here in South Africa we are still in Phase 4… Phase 3 will start on 1 June when people will be able to start buying alcohol again. It has been a very long and, for some people, dry 73 days… In this household we have an extremely resourceful woman and she magicked wine from unexpected places in the house! It’s almost like the Widow’s Jar…

jars-of-clay-e1528043500144 fairy-waving-her-wand-vector-21306167

And then came the next phase of the roller-coaster-ride!


On Friday, the Cyprus Government decided that the airports will open on 9 June and as a Cypriot national, I would be able to be tested upon arrival, self-isolate for the period until the result is obtained. Wonderful, wonderful news as I reached the upper curve of the ride, only to fly way down into the doldrums on the other side… I still have to get OUT of South Africa! African skies are still closed to air traffic. I now have to wait until the SA President divulges the next step in Phase 3 here. Maybe, just maybe, the skies will open somewhat.

On Tuesday I decided that it was time to get my act together: I started walking again. Here, we are only allowed to walk between 06:00 and 09:00 for leisure. You can walk to the shops, of course, at any other time…


Perhaps next week I’ll be able to give you some genuinely good news…


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