The little things…

If you, like myself, are one of those people who plan big, invent big, scheme big, you will probably tend to neglect the little things… I know I do.

It’s a strange thing though; since returning from my enforced period of looking within, I am slowly but surely attending to those little things that I’ve been neglecting for so long. One of those was the large bookshelf/dresser in the studio – not so little! It needed dusting and sorting out. Amongst the little things that have been sitting on one of the higher shelves, was a chess set that we bought in South Africa, probably about 30+ years ago. It’s a fun set, made up of African people in traditional dress – just a little thing we loved. The material used is unknown to me, but it looked like clay. It had become fragile with age…

This set was in a plastic bag which disintegrated when handled… yes, it’s that old! Anyway, upon opening the shreds of plastic, I found that some of the pieces had lost their heads – literally! They were all there except the head of the Ndebele King. He lost his head completely! Well, we couldn’t leave it like that, could we?


And the Queen didn’t escape the guillotine either, but her head could at least be retrieved!


And (in the background) there was the cow that tried to jump over the moon, fell down, and cracked her legs right off. Oh dear, not a good idea, the silly moo! She is actually a key holder that my daughter gave me many moons ago and when I moved to Anavargos, it went up on the wall again. However, the balance was out and the poor moo couldn’t hold onto all the keys that dragged her down to earth… So, she had to be wheeled into the operating theatre for surgery. I think she has recovered well.


Now, the king has a new head. Perhaps not as traditional as it should be, but he can once again feel proud again amongst his people.

20200709_122455          The set can never be used to play a game with, but I am glad I decided not to ditch it. Lovely, aren’t they?

And so, onto other little things. A painting I started sometime in the beginning of this year just didn’t make me happy. I have a tendency to use colours that are too strong even though I’ve had two sessions with the modern Impressionist tutor in Italy. Somehow, my eyes always deceive me.

However, one of the little things that needed fixing was this painting; it’s not actually that little, but it was a little niggle nonetheless! I felt as if I couldn’t start creating something new until this thing was off my easel. I started covering it with white paint to see where I could take it. Then started rubbing back and added a bit and fiddled a bit more… In the end, I’m not too displeased with it. A matter of opinion, really… some would say it’s now too weak! Here are the before and after images:

Now that we are beginning to have lives that are more familiar to us – I’m avoiding the word “normal” – we are able to enjoy exhibitions, open air excursions and… shoe-shopping again!

I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with friends and fellow creators at the event organised by The Makers Space in Tala. If you haven’t been to that space, make arrangements to go and see the magnificent things the makers create.


This beauty is for sale – you should see it to believe it! You can contact The Makers Space direct to view.


The next exhibition should be interesting – Steven Oliver Postgate and Elli Lestas, both well-known artists of Paphos  :

Well, it’s time to get on with the next little thing…

Until next time,


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