2+0+2+2 = 6 – a good number!

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Here we are, yet again, at the end of another year. A bitch of a year for many, if I may say so. Although I must add that I have been one of the lucky ones. I’ve not lost a loved one in this pandemic but I know people who have. As I’ve said: A bitch of a year; the cousin of 2020 which was supposed to be a “perfect vision” of a year. Both bitches!

As an artist and writer, I look back on 2021 and ponder on achievement. I’m not sure if the uncertainty of the tomorrows threw me a bit, but I’ve hardly achieved a thing! I published a book of short stories, some of which I’ve illustrated, and also two low content books. I’ve not painted anything that I would want to show to anyone; just tentative mark-making really.

The one thing that I have done a LOT of has been to watch videos and tutorials on how to do stuff. Lots of stuff! So, it wasn’t altogether a failed year but more one of absorbing knowledge. What shall we do with that knowledge, I’m thinking…? Well, let me tell you about one of my Christmas gifts.

I have an incredibly inventive daughter. She has this adorable habit of giving not just one gift for any occasion but usually there are three or more little ones, always well thought out. This year my gift consists of 52 weeks… yes, one for every week of the year! She named it “Creativity Activation Kit” as she heard me complaining about not achieving things… This is what it looks like:

On the first day of each week, I have to remove a sticker hiding that week’s ‘challenge’ –  this is what it looks like:

Not knowing what hides beneath each week’s sticker is a bit of a challenge too… I’m not known for my patience! Was that her sneaky idea? Anyway, I’m also one who follows instructions to the letter which means I shall learn to be patient!

I’ve gone off commercialised holidays. I live more by the seasonal changes such as the solstices; this means I celebrate Yule on Midwinter’s Day (in the Northern Hemisphere).

At this time we burn the Yule Log

This also means that ‘New Year Resolutions’ are not one of my things… but rather, I sit in deep contemplation on Midwinter’s Day about the year that has just passed and the year that is about to unfold. That is the day when I make my ‘resolutions’, if any. There are not normally many as I have found that they usually go by the wayside… BUT, one resolution was to start my walking again – you know, putting one foot in front of the other. And I have. Every day! No excuses except if it’s raining heavily, although I do like to walk (and sing) in the rain!

The thing is that at my age, one has to be careful of slipping in the wet… So, I wait until the sun comes out as here in Cyprus, it usually does, even if just for a little while before the next shower comes along. I have a German friend who is older than me who walks for miles… and goes to the gym! Well, I cannot be left behind as she invited me to walk with her. So, right now I’m getting up to speed as she is away for a little while… Need to be prepared for when she returns!

The other reason for restarting my walking practice is that I tried on a posh dress for Jo’s (my daughter) birthday dinner and to be on the safe side, I picked a size 14; my normal size is a 12. Well, I could hardly close the zip! Needless to say, I didn’t buy it. I have enough clothes to ‘get back into’! But that was a big wake-up call…

The BIG winter job that I’ve been putting off for years is about to be started: sorting out all those photographs! They are everywhere: in boxes, on hard drives, on the Cloud, on my laptop and on my phone… Sigh! But it needs to be done and done it will be. There are at least three months ahead of me to accomplish that task; it may not be completed, but… I’ll give it a good bash.

We are also about to reorganise the sewing classroom as the current room proves to be a bit snug (just like that size 14!). My very spacious studio will become home to all creative processes as from the first week of 2022. Yes, we are going to start with excellent intentions! And as you know, the only way to live up to them is to DO them! In my next post I shall show you the before and after pics.

One of my intentions was/is to go to South Africa to celebrate my brother’s 90th birthday BUT we have come to a better solution, I think. What with the bloody virus still lurking there is no way that I want to be as helpless as the last time when I didn’t know when I would get back to my home… I had the great fortune to spend time with my brother and his lovely wife, but the insecurity crucified me. So, my suggestion to them is that we spend time together in Mauritius in September instead. A great achievement was to get a “Maybe!” from him – he does not like to travel much. So, we shall keep fingers crossed that we will be swimming in a warm Indian Ocean and walk on white sands and talk, talk, talk and eat, eat, eat!

Well, I better get this onto the blog otherwise the new year will be gone!

I would like to wish you all the very best for 2022 – dream big and make the dream(s) come true! You can do it!!

Thanks to the Times of India for this image

Here are the links I promised up top:

www.sewcyprus.com   –  where we learn to love to sew

www.amazon.com   (or whichever amazon you use)

 –   “Ripples of the Mind”  –  a compilation of short stories plus some illustrations

 –   “Sit, See, Sow”  –  a journal for meditators

 –   “Let’s Go!”  – a journal for travellers

 –   “Hannah – Woman in Red”  –  a novel set in  +40AD

Until next time,            

One thought on “2+0+2+2 = 6 – a good number!”

  1. Thanks for lovely blog. You are so energetic the mind boggles!!! Super fun from Jo. Finishing house sitting tomorrow, will write Have done bugger nothing since Xmas!!! Well nearly bugger all!!

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