Downsizing – for real

This old artist will be on the move again soon; deadline 31 December 2022.

Since my last bitching about the two previous years, I’ve decided to not do that again… apologies for getting worked up about all that. Quite a lot has happened with which I will not bore you as The Move is now priority.

On Wednesday last my landlady told me that they would like to move back to the property I now occupy. Let me explain: The property I now live in is the upper level of a one-and-a-half storey house, my front door being at street level; my landlady and her husband live in the lower part of the property. They are both suffering with health issues now and need to employ a full-time carer which makes the lower property ineffective. The top storey has four bedrooms and two bathrooms with a lot of space. You may recall me being impressed with the studio space when I found it, five years ago. reminds you of my ‘paradise discovered’.

The ‘bad’ thing about that move was that instead of getting rid of stuff, I gathered even move! This upcoming move is forcing me to look at my magpie nest again…

I have started turfing things out as there are many things that are obsolete! No-one watches VCR tapes anymore and hardly anyone plays CDs – everything is available online! It’s hard to throw something into the recycling skip but what needs to be done, needs to be done. One of my next steps is to look at sites where I can sell antique glass, for instance, as well as original etching prints, some certainly antique… My Donald had a passion for collecting antiques… and stuff. (‘Original etching prints’ are the prints made from the original etching – there are no pixels visible).

So, we have agreed to switch properties at the end of 2022. Now, you must remember that we also run a sewing school from my home! Well, for the next year – at least until sometime in 2023 – I will be living around a classroom!

What will happen at the end of 2023? Well, never one to sit back and twiddle my thumbs, I have decided to find myself an old, traditional, stone house to renovate and make perfect for an old woman to… sit and twiddle her thumbs in! If you believe that, you will also believe that the sky is green…

However, the plan is to create a perfect patch to potter in until I need to move in with my daughter OR get full-time live-in care. Jo’s house should also be ready next year.

Oh, yes! She’s getting married on 22 October 2022 – 22.10.22 – the date well chosen! The lucky man is Paul Tavener, another Englishman in the family!

This all means that 2023 is going to be a really busy year to settle us all down so that we may enjoy the rest of our lives. She will continue teaching her sewing students in her new property – or that may change… who knows! We’ll see how the wind blows.

I will post updates here as I’ve been a bit lax with writing posts lately. I trust that you have all recovered after the pandemic and that you are doing well.

In my old age I have discovered the wonderful game of political chess. I find it fascinating to watch the various global moves. Winston Churchill firmly believed in playing a good chess game and I was heartened to see Biden’s people playing a really interesting game lately. Oh, dear – now I’ve put the cat amongst the pigeons!

Until next time, live and let live!

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